There’ll Be Less Rain & Winds in the 2nd Half of Dec With Temperature of Up to 34°C


Most of us associate December with dipping temperatures and thundery showers. It’s the season where we bring out our hoodies and cardigans and snuggle comfortably in them.

Sweater weather, best weather.

But did you know that this phenomenon is due to something called the Northeast Monsoon? Such conditions make the weather unpredictable at times and here’s the forecast for the 2nd half of December.

Less rain and wind in 2nd Half of December

If you’re one who enjoyed the cool and strong breeze since the start of December, you’re not going to like this.

The rest of the month will likely be less rainy. However, some afternoon thundery showers can still be periodically expected on most days. Occasionally, these showers may carry on till evening time.

Overall, the rainfall for this month is estimated to be well below average across Singapore.

P.S. iPhone users, you can still turn on ambient rain sounds in the background when jamming to sad songs. It’s a new feature, welcome.

Temperature may reach up to 34°C

Over the next two weeks, the daily temperature will mostly hover between the range of 24°C and 33°C. On selected days, the temperature may reach up to 34°C.

But fret not. There’s still hope.

On days where it rains, the temperature may drop to around 22°C to 23°C.

So we may still get to enjoy our cozy sweater weather.


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Throwback to the weather in 1st half of December

The first half of December had periods of extremely harsh winds.

I remember not having to turn on the fan as the wind coming in through the window by my bedside was strong enough.

On Monday (13 Dec), the strongest gust of wind was recorded in Admiralty. It travelled at 68.3km/h.

The highest total rainfall amounted to 78.8mm and happened in West Coast on 10 Dec. That was when there was some widespread rain across Singapore in the afternoon and evening.

What about the hottest temperature, you may ask?

On Wednesday (1 Dec), the temperate climbed to a maximum of 34.8°C in Tengah. On the contrary, Jurong West hit a low of 22.1°C on 2nd Dec.

Where to get latest updates on daily weather forecast

As December is a festive year-end period, many may have block-booked certain dates to go out and have fun.

For your plans not to be spoilt, you may want to have a quick glance at the weather forecast before leaving house to play safe.

Updates of daily weather forecast could be found on Meteorological Service Singapore’s (MSS) website or the National Environment Agency (NEA) website. Alternatively, you may want to download the myENV app on your devices for easier access.

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