Everything About the Constituencies That’ll Have a 3-Corner Fight in GE2020

Previously, a lot of people paid attention to the West Coast GRC because they were about to become a 3-way fight.

Then the Reform Party pulled out because they do not want a 3-way fight:

Opposition parties do not like 3-corner fights because it dilutes the votes even further.

Here’s a simple example:

  • PAP (50) vs Opp A (50); Opposition Party has a chance.
  • PAP (40) vs Opp A (30) vs Opp B (30); PAP wins

Which is why besides fighting the PAP, you’ll also see the opposition parties fighting among themselves at every election:

Well, try as they might, the opposition parties are not able to completely avoid 3-corner fights in GE2020.

There are two areas which will be facing 3-corner fights: Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC and Pioneer SMC.

Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC (PAP vs SDA vs PV)

Image: Google Maps

For the first time since 1992, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC will see a three-cornered fight between PAP, the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA), and People’s Voice (PV).

Formed in 2018, this will be PV’s first election.

In the last election, PAP and SDA went head to head, with PAP winning 73% of the votes.

PAP Team:

PAP’s team, which has three new faces, includes:

  • Teo Chee Hean
  • Janil Puthucheary
  • Desmond Tan
  • Yeo Wan Ling
  • Sharael Taha

Mr Teo Chee Hean used to helm the Pasir Ris West Division while Dr Janil Puthucheary helmed the Pasir Ris Coast division in his previous term.

Mr Teo said that the Covid-19 crisis is the most serious one “in his 40 years of public service”, and that Singapore needs a trusted and able government to help them pull through.

SDA Team:

SDA’s team, which sees two new additions, includes:

  • Desmond Lim
  • Harminder Pal Singh
  • Abu Mohamed
  • Kelvin Ong
  • Kuswadi Atnawi

SDA has been contesting in the GRC for the past three elections.

Party chairman, Desmond Lim, said:

“In the past 13 years, we’ve never left (the residents) after each election but have worked even harder to support you because we believe your interest is our priority, especially the elderly and disadvantaged residents.”

PV Team:

And finally, PV’s team includes:

  • Gilbert Goh
  • Mohamed Nassir Ismail
  • Jireh Lim
  • Prabu Ramachandran
  • Vigneswari Ramachandran

Mr Lim said that while they are new, they are “not a stupid, irresponsible or troublemaker party”.

He added that PAP first started out as an opposition party as well, and people at that time took a chance on them.


You can watch the teams addressing the voters here (from 14:32):

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Pioneer (PAP’s Patrick Tay vs PSP’s Lim Cher Hong vs Cheang Peng Wah)

Image: Street Directory

This zone could’ve become a four-corner battle.

People’s Voice (PV) had actually wanted to field a candidate at Pioneer SMC but decided to pull out because the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) who wants to contest in the area in GE2020.

Unfortunately, Pioneer SMC is still facing a 3-corner battle with the inclusion of an independent candidate, Cheang Peng Wah.


The seat in Pioneer SMC was previously won by PAP’s Cedric Foo who defeated NSP’s Elvin Ong, garnering 76.34% of the votes.

PAP Patrick Tay

Image: PAP

PAP’s candidate Patrick Tay, who used to serve in West Coast GRC, will be going against PSP’s Lim Cher Hong and Cheang Peng Wah, who stands alone without any party.

He thanked Mr Cedric Foo, Pioneer SMC’s previous MP who isn’t standing for re-election, and asked for residents’ votes and support to create a better Pioneer.

PSP Lim Cher Hong

Image: Facebook (Lim Cher Hong, Chfc)

Mr Lim is a chartered financial consultant and author who said in a speech, “This is an opportunity for (Pioneer residents) to have an alternative voice in Parliament.”


He added that PSP will “scrutinise” PAP’s policies to ensure that there’s no groupthink at play here.

However, he says, the PSP isn’t here to challenge every policy.

“There are things that can be better, question the government, and come up with even better alternative plans for them.”

Independent Candidate Mr Cheang Peng Wah

Mr Cheang thanked his supporters for daring to “stand up to make a difference to Singapore”.

Image: Facebook (Cheang Peng Wah)

When asked why he decided to contest in Pioneer SMC, he said that he grew up in the area and is familiar with it.

As for his reasons for contesting, he felt that the current ministers are “not up to the mark” and the opposition “not fierce and strong enough.

To him, the PSP is a relatively new party which he doesn’t know will “perform” or not.

He, however, is confident that he is able to deliver.


You can view their speech on Nomination Day below:

There was supposedly another independent candidate, Victor Ronnie Lai, who wanted to contest for Pioneer SMC.

He is a retired financial consultant who reached the nomination centre with flowers but ended up not being able to enter because he did not have the required number of people to second or assent to his bid.

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