3 Free Career Networking Sessions in 2018 That’ll Help S’poreans Get Back in The Game

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This is a guest post contributed by Julia.

Everybody wants to do well in their career. Whether it be to earn more money or to leave a legacy within your field.

But here’s the thing, wanting to do well isn’t enough. It’s a good start, but it’s not good enough to make you successful.

After all, if it does, there’ll be tons of millionaires out there right now, not the handful that we’re seeing.

Getting ahead in your career is about knowing what to do, when to do it, and who to do it with.

Education will teach you what to do. The experience is knowing when to do it. And networking will reveal who to do it with.

So here are three career networking sessions that could reveal your next job, mentor or even a career.

1. LIT Series by Young NTUC and SkillsFuture Singapore

Young NTUC has teamed up with SkillsFuture Singapore to organise a series of learning and networking events in July 2018.

Image: LIT Xchange

Targeting young PMEs and fresh graduates, the LIT Series comprises:

  • LIT Xchange (10th July): during this flagship event, you can network and hear from speakers who work in IBM, VISA and ViSenze (an AI company).
  • FinTech awareness workshop (18th July): get up to speed with the latest happenings in the FinTech space.
  • Career Discovery (24th July): learn about yourself with career coaches to find out how you would navigate potential career decisions and scenarios
  • Career Mentorship (25th July): get to interact with career guides to gain career advice to industries you are keen in. You can also get the chance to be matched with a career guide for a mentorship period of 4 months!
  • Learning journeys (30th July and 1st August): visit IBM and Microsoft, how often can you peek inside these companies?
Image: LIT Xchange

Visit bit.ly/NTUCLITXchange to register!

2. Rub shoulders with local entrepreneurs at atomi’s Bedside Story series

To make sharing between local entrepreneurs more intimate, lifestyle retailer atomi has kick-started their Bedside Story series at their ACTUS häuse retail store.

Image: atomi/ACTUS häuse

This is great for younger generations who want to learn and be inspired by individuals from different industries. Here, you have a safe space to freely exchange your views on the hottest topics and issues in Singapore.

Image: atomi/ACTUS häuse

The first event in the Bedside Story series starts on 29th June 2018 and features the following panellists:

Image: atomi/ACTUS häuse

Learn more and sign up at bit.ly/actushause.

3. Financial advice for freelancers by NTUC’s U FSE

To help freelancers connect and share tips with each other, NTUC’s U Freelance and Self-Employed Unit (U FSE) has been organising monthly networking and sharing sessions.

The next session will be held on 26th June 2018 and features freelancer Larry Liu who is both a hip-hop dancer and a financial advisor.

Learn more and sign up at bit.ly/UFSEFB.

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