3 New Whatsapp Features Will Be Launching Soon To Provide Better User Experience


My friends have recently been tempting me with other messaging platforms which they claim to be superior, like Telegram.Whatsapp is no longer regularly used by some of my friends, and that is because comparatively, Telegram has unique features that differentiate itself, like self-destruct timers and ability to text without offering an actual mobile number.

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Whatsapp really needs to innovate, and it has realised this and began rolling out some nifty improvements of their own. There are three key improvements to the major texting platform.


Number one on Santa’s list of improvements is reminders. 

Currently, to set a reminder, it is pretty troublesome. Either, you have to leave whatever you are doing on Whatsapp, locate the Reminders application, type in the reminder and save it; or text your own number to have a pop-up notification that reminds you.

Well, Whatsapp has combined the two to provide a more convenient solution for you.

Now you can text to set a reminder.

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The texts to the specific application will register as reminders, making it extremely convenient to set reminders. Just text!

If you are having a conversation with a friend about a meetup you have planned later in the week, just forward the message to the app, and it will automatically register as a reminder!

However, you have to also download Any.do, a popular reminders app. The two apps need to be linked for the text reminders to work.

A premium account costing $5.99 per month is needed to activate the feature.

Pretty worth it, if you ask me. 

Call Waiting

The second feature of the application is call waiting. Ever been on a Whatsapp call, and when you hang up you realised you have had several missed calls?

Even if it’s that really cute girl you’ve been trying to talk to?

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Yeah, bro. That call with your guy friend is less important than the call you could have had with the cute girl.

Whatsapp has now fixed that problem, allowing you to be alerted to any incoming calls. It also allows the user to decide to decline the second call, or end the current call and accept the second one.

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Group Chat Invites

Now the third one is a powerful one, for those who are easily annoyed or are simply introverts.


You know how random friends or people just keep adding you into endless groups, and they have endless conversations, and you just keep saying “TLDR please” but you really don’t give a sh*t? 

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Well, Whatsapp has heard your frustrated cries and has decided to take decisive action.

Now, people can no longer force you into groups. They have to request permission for it.

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If you do not automatically allow a person to add you into the group, he or she will have to send a request, and then you can choose if you want to enter the group or not.

Bye to the 10000 groups I was forced to join.


If you took nothing away from this, just remember: Whatsapp > Telegram, you Millenial hipsters.