3 “special-est” homestay in Taiwan that might just make you stay in the entire trip


Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 5:18 pm

Yes apart from the usual hotels and hostels, Taiwan offers a wide range of homestays that accommodates and gives you a memorable experience that you’ll never forget.

Here are 3 most special homestays that might just make you stay in the entire trip without leaving the room because they’re just so frigging cool.

Tube houses by Youcool

Image: youcool.com.tw

There are 3 types of accommodation by Youcool, one of them being the tube houses. These tube houses can fit 2 or 4 people depending on the design and you’re able to choose your favourite from the 4 themes they have such as One piece’s Chopper and Doraemon.

These super cute tube houses feature a bedroom, living area and toilet so fret not that you’ll be claustrophobic! Besides the tube houses, Youcool also provides other themed rooms which include Mickey Mouse and Lilo & Stich.

Tube houses for 2 by CJYY

Image: walkerland.com.tw

These are cartoon themed tube houses as well for the inner child of yours. Most of these themes are from Japanese cartoons and animations, so be prepared to geek out in these tubular homestays. They are a great option to experience something new and of course, comfortable and cosy.

Tube houses by Bie You Dong Tian

Image: fbuon2881.pixnet.net

If you’re not a fan of animations and cartoon-themed rooms, get yourself a night at these tube houses in the great outdoors! These apartments definitely have a high Wow factor, featuring the homestays in the woods. The tubes each consist of a bedroom and living room in a separate ‘tube’ so you can gladly enjoy your relaxing and peaceful stay.  

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