HDB Giving $300 Rental Vouchers Per Month to Families Waiting for BTO Flats to be Completed

If you recently shuddered at the rental prices of $3,000 to $5,000 for HDB flats on the open market, rest assured, help is on the way.

From 1 July 2024 onwards, eligible young couples and families who are renting from the open market while waiting for the completion of the new flats will be eligible for a rental voucher of $300 per month to defray the costs of rental.

This is part of the Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme (PPHS) announced by Minister for National Development Mr Desmond Lee at MND’s Committee of Supply debate in Parliament on 5 March, and HDB has just released more information.

Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme

The Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme is a highly subsidised temporary housing option for new HDB flat applicants whose combined household income is $7,000 and below and waiting to collect the keys to their new flat.

Married couples with at least one child aged 18 and below, including expecting parents, will receive higher priority in the allocation of flats

Now, all you couples know what to do if you want to secure more discounts.

This is all part of the government’s efforts to defray costs in a time of inflation and rising costs of living.

This scheme will run for a one-year period from July 2024 onwards, eligible families will receive $300 per month on a reimbursement basis, for complete months of tenancy that start between 1 July 2024 till 30 June 2025.

Families will have the flexibility to select a rental option – whether it is a whole flat or a HDB bedroom.

Application Procedure

The PPHS Voucher applications will open on 1st July 2024 via the HDB InfoWEB. Before applying, applicants should take note of the below:

  • Landlords must register their tenancy with HDB and tenants’ NRIC address must be updated to their rented address
  • Fiancé-fiancée applicants must submit their marriage certificate within the first 3 months of their tenancy period qualifying for the PPHS Voucher
  • Applicants renting from immediate family members or close relatives will not be eligible for the PPHS Voucher
  • Applicants’ combined income must not exceed $7,000

This is to ensure that only families in need are rightfully receiving the support and more families can be helped.

Once You are Successful, What Happens?

Successful applicants will receive the PPHS Voucher only for each complete month of tenancy, and the voucher will not be pro-rated for periods of tenancy that do not make up a complete month.

To qualify for support of any month, applicants must submit their application by the end of the next month.

Each reimbursement tranche will include up to 6 months of support. The first reimbursement tranche will typically be about seven months from date of application.

Successful applicants will receive the PPHS Voucher on a reimbursement basis via PayNow-NRIC.

Do take note to link your PayNow to your NRIC!

This is especially important because any cash payout from the government will be sent to you via PayNow-NRIC, too. To know more about the payouts from the government, watch this: