38YO Man Throws Rocks at Kindergarten Because He Was Annoyed By The Kids Singing

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You know what they say about kids – those little buggers, you either hate them or you love them. There’s just no going in between. Unless you’re a true blue Robin Scherbatsky, a struggling journalist with an unexplainable resentment towards children. That’s code for, unless you’re me.

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You’re probably thinking, “Does she ever get tired of rambling on about herself?”

To answer your question, no.

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But regardless of the loathe that runs through my veins, I’ve always found it ironic how the sight of a salivating toddler softens me into a pile of mush. It’s human nature as told by Science, I did my research.

According to Science, one can never fully bring themselves to despise children. Unless you’re the man on today’s headline. A cheery bunch of singing kindergarteners were given the biggest shock of their lives when a man starting throwing rocks at the school.

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Well science, explain this.

Singing Had Disturbed Suspect’s Rest

According to Coconuts Jakarta, the suspect was a 38-year-old man named Jaya, confirmed by the police in the Cibarusah sub-district.

A statement made by the Cibarusah Police Chief said that the kids in the Islamic kindergarten had been singing and learning when the incident occurred.


“A witness saw the culprit approach the school, and threw rocks at it twice,” said Cibarusah Police Chief Sukarman in the statement.

The culprit had also shouted at the teacher saying that the children were too noisy and were disturbing his rest.

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It’s one of those cases. Angry sleep-deprived middle-aged man meets the distasteful sounds of youth… A very bad combination indeed.

No Child Was Traumatized 

Police Chief Sukarman also said that the rocks were only thrown on the kindergarten’s fence. Nobody was harmed or injured.

This is the part where I signal the readers to heave a big sigh of relief.

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However, the teacher did say that the children were slightly taken aback by the man’s mini stone rampage.

Who wouldn’t be?

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The teachers of the kindergarten and Jaya are scheduled to meet for a mediation session. No charges have been pressed on the 38-year-old. However, police are still investigating the case and if found guilty, Jaya may possibly be subject to a year in prison for committing an act under Indonesia’s criminal code.

That kids, is how you shouldn’t act in the face of anger. Instead of taking it upon yourself to re-enact a round of Angry Birds on a bunch of kids, thou shall seek healthier ways to vent your frustration.

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We’re just glad no children were harmed in the process.