4 Evergreen & Classic Ghost Stories in S’pore That Never Got Old


Last Updated on 2021-05-29 , 5:02 pm

Four (四) in Mandarin sounds like death (死), so here are 死 most popular ghost stories that we often tell during chalets to send innocent young girls to tears!

 Tekong three-door bunk

Undoubtedly one of the most told tales in the history of Singapore, people have been using this story to scare new recruits before they enlist. There are several version of it, but this is the one that is told most often.

In Charlie Company (these were the names of companies in Tekong then), during training on Thursday night, a soldier went missing. Finally, they found him hung on a tree, with his organs positioned in near the tree in a “stand-by-bed” manner.

Soon after, the recruits in that company started to have headaches and sightings of the dead soldier. A medium was consulted, and he proposed creating a “third door” for the dead soldier’s spirit to leave the bunk. A wall was knocked down for the door, and the trapped spirit left the bunk through it. The bunk is no longer there, and every month, a new recruit is still asking his OC why there is no training during Thursday nights.

East Coast Yellow Tower

If you’ve been to East Coast Park before, you’ll not miss the yellow tower near Carpark C. While it looks innocent during the day, legend has it that at night, there would be a female spirit near it. The backstory is that long ago, a couple was attacked there. The guy was knocked unconscious while the girl was gang-raped and killed.

Hell money for a taxi ride

If you want a taxi driver to tell you a ghost story, he would most likely just relate this. Legend has it that in the middle of the night, somewhere in the east of Singapore, a lady in white or red would flag for a taxi in a deserted small road like Old Upper Thomson Road or Lim Chu Kang Road.

Granted that now, any driver would just ignore, legend says that once, a driver stopped for her. She asked to go to a cemetery, and paid as per usual with normal cash. Nothing was wrong until the driver counted his earnings at the end of his shift and found some hell money in his stack.

The Devil’s Child in HDB playing marbles

If you live in an HDB flat, you’ll have heard of this before: marbles bouncing in the middle of the night when there were no children around. While building experts (not HDB, though) have given a plausible explanation, saying that it was due to water pipes, we still like to scare ourselves with old wives’ ghost stories instead.

The story goes like this: construction companies placed marbles between floors so that spirits of dead children could play with them instead of haunting the flats. In other words, if you hear the sounds of marbles bouncing, a spirit is nearby.

Now, if you can read through this article, you’re a brave soul. But can you watch this real Singapore ghost story to the end? If you can, then you’re indeed a brave fellow:

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