4 things you must buy when you’re in Hong Kong, if not you might as well go Hong Kah


Last Updated on 2017-05-07 , 3:02 pm

Ah, Hong Kong, a haven for many shoppers and foodies alike. Many Singaporeans take short trips there to stuff their tummies with some of the best dim sums in the world and pack their luggage with the most affordable goods to bring home.

Here are some things you die die must buy in Hong Kong, or people will think you only just went to Hong Kah to jalan jalan.

If you like Sasa’s products, you will find them at really low prices in Hong Kong. Sasa is a cosmetic giant that originated from Hong Kong. Go for the face masks and moisturisers, and stock up on them! Even better, buy some for your family and friends.

Chinese cookies and sweets.
I think Hong Kong has the best variety of traditional cookies and sweets. It’s like Chinese New Year every day over there. Most of these cookies cannot be found in Singapore or even Malaysia.

They also have very unique tastes that just cannot be replicated by anything else. One of the best bakeries there is Kee Wah Bakery, which is well-known for its traditional Chinese pastries such as egg rolls, wife biscuit and pineapple shortcakes. I last went to Hong Kong two years ago and I still have dreamabout the pineapple shortcakes there. (They also have other flavours like walnut, mango and honeydew. They don’t disappoint.)

Clothes, clothes, clothes.
Hong Kong is home to tons of factory outlets, which are located in many major shopping centres. These are often sold at a much cheaper price than in Singapore since a lot of clothes are manufactured in Hong Kong and the surrounding areas. #MadeInChina, ya know.

Fake branded goods.
Of course, this isn’t necessarily a “must-buy” item from Hong Kong. However, nothing screams “I went to Hong Kong” more than a fake Louis Vuitton handbag. So, when’s your next trip to Hong Kong?

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