400 Fines Due to CB Were Issued in the Last 2 Days, With 1 Coffeeshop Stallholder Even Selling Masks

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It was announced recently that Singapore would deploy as many as 3,000 enforcement officers and SG Clean and safe distancing ambassadors daily to public spaces and in public housing estates across Singapore.

This comes amidst the circuit breaker period targeted at breaking the transmission of the highly contagious coronavirus in Singapore.

However, not everyone has been abiding by the measures. That’s where the fines come in.

400 Fines Due to CB Were Issued in the Last 2 Days, With 1 Coffeeshop Stallholder Even Selling Masks

On Tuesday and Wednesday alone, the authorities were forced to issue more than 400 fines as people failed to adhere to the circuit breaker measures and safe distancing rules.

The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) said that 3,000 enforcement officers have been deployed daily to ensure compliance.

They have to make sure that people are staying a safe distance of at least 1m away from each other and not leave their homes unless they’re going to buy takeaway food, see a doctor, exercise.

We’re not allowed to loiter or gather in public spaces and must only spend time with people in our own households.

NEA Issued 19 Fines At Markets & Hawker Centres

In a separate statement, the National Enironment Agency (NEA) said that they had issued 19 fines to people who failed to adhere to circuit breaker rules at markets and hawker centres.

They broke the rules by eating at the food outlets instead of taking away food and not adhering to the safe distancing regulation.

In two instances, the police had to step in when individuals failed to cooperate with enforcement officers.

In one case, a man was eating takeaway food at a hawker centre at Block 89 Circuit Road and refused to give his particulars to NEA enforcement officers.

He later hit one of the officers in the face as he tried to escape before the police could arrive.

“NEA takes a serious view of those who verbally or physically abuse our officers and SG Clean ambassadors,” the agency said. “We will not hesitate to take strong actions against such egregious offenders, including criminal prosecution if necessary.”

In yet another unrelated incident, a food stall owner was caught selling face masks illegally at a coffee shop at Jurong East Street 24.

He was then told to stop the sale of the masks and will be fined S$1,000 under the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020, the ministry said.

Visit Markets During Off-Peak Hours

Here’s a gentle reminder to visit markets during off-peak periods, after 10am.


For instance, the peak period at the Geylang Serai Market occurs between 7am and 10am on weekdays where around 80 people are observed in the queues.

“Members of the public are also encouraged to space out their market visits, such as visiting markets once a week, and not visit the market every day or even every few days,” said NEA.

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