These Are The 45 Best Places to Work in S’pore in 2022 & Big Tech Firms Are Not in the List


It is the time of the year to evaluate which companies are the best workplaces in 2022, and the results are out.

You might be wondering how these companies were chosen in the first place and why your boss’s company is not there. 

Here’s how.

How Were they Determined? 

More than 10,000 companies in 97 countries apply to be certified each year. This award is certified by the consulting firm, Great Place To Work (GPTW), since 2015.

It certifies workplaces with outstanding employee experience through employee surveys and analytics.

So, it is actually up to you to determine whether your boss’s company is on the list. 

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat was present at the awards ceremony as the guest of honour. He said that the pandemic has turned flexible work arrangements into an essential part of working life, making it important for employees.

In addition, he added that great workplaces are not just about the schemes they use, but also how much trust and purpose they share with their employees.

“Employees who feel empowered by their employers go the extra mile, enabling them to achieve greater things with their employers,” he said.

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The Best Workplaces in Singapore

Here are some of the best companies in Singapore. They were categorised according to four different categories: large, medium, small and micro.

Large companies 

Image: Great Place to Work

For large companies, they are defined as those with above 1,000 employees. Some notable companies include tech companies like Micron Technology and HP Inc.

Why isn’t anyone not surprised that Meta or Twitter isn’t there?

Medium Companies

Image: Great Place to Work

For medium companies, I am sure you can identify familiar names including Adobe, Mastercard, and Hilton.

The winning company for this category is Cisco, so let us take a look at what the employees have to say.

Image: Great Place to Work

96% of the employees feel that it is a great place to work because it is safe, people are caring and how they feel welcomed.

Small Companies

Image: Great Place to Work

The leading company in this category is TC Acoustic. They are an audio distributor in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, carrying brands such as Sonos, Klipsch, and Marshall.


In case you did not know, the earbuds you are wearing might be from them.

Image: Great Place to Work

The employees feel that they have a sense of pride and deemed their occupation as “not just a job”, unlike most of us who drag our feet to work. 

WhiteCoat is also amongst those who got the award under the small company category. They are the only telemedicine provider in an ASEAN country that won an award.

Image: Great Place to Work

Mr Bryan Koh, the Chief Executive Officer of WhiteCoat, said that they attend to patients and pack their medications till dawn during the pandemic.

“For the team, seeing that they are not in this alone, that there is management support and that management is there working alongside them, helps to keep them motivated,” he added.


Micro Companies

Image: Great Place to Work

Lastly, for micro companies, Insight Technology Solutions won.

Image: Great Place to Work

Employees feel that they have good management and are offered to undergo training to improve themselves.

And yes, they got a perfect score.

DHL is the Best Large Company Amongst All in 2022

DHL is ranked the best company to work at this year and they have 1,200 employees in total.

Image: Great Place to Work

DHL has reduced its carbon footprint and introduced electric vehicles to its existing delivery fleet. Out of their 390 vehicles, 90 of them run on electricity.

Mr Christopher Ong, managing director of DHL said that one of his couriers told him how he is thankful of the electric vans as they are quiet—enabling him to have stress-free conversations.


So, for employers out there, if you want to stand a chance to be on this list, maybe cut down on some plastic bags or electricity. 

Let us take a look at some statistics that show what employees feel about DHL.

Image: Great Place to Work

96% of the nearly 1,000 polled over a fortnight in May deemed it a great place to work.

Some of the reasons why they felt so is that people here are given a lot of responsibilities, a sense of belonging, and how the management is good at running the business.

In the meantime, is there a platform for us to vote for the worst place to work?


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