5 awesome jobs that allow you to travel regularly for FREE

Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:51 pm

Many of us dream of having a job that lets us travel all over the world at the company’s expense. If you are one of them and are fortunately yet to decide what you want to do for a living, you might want to take a quick peek at these jobs that will allow you to do so; for those who are unfortunately already in the rat race, watch and drool.

Travel writer/editor
While your ex-classmates report to the office at 9 am and drag their feet home at 5 pm every day, you arguably work harder because you have to catch flights at unearthly times – but you find yourself in the most beautiful, exotic and luxurious holiday destinations around the world, for free. Because the resort, hotel or attractions wants you to write a nice article for them.

If you can live with all the criticism, paparazzi and resist all the temptations that come with the job, making it big on screen is the way to go. You’ll soon find yourself being invited to all sorts of gala events and shows all around the world, all expenses paid of course. Just make sure you have a good manager, which brings us to the next job…

Celebrity manager/assistant
The next best thing is obviously to follow a celebrity around and wait on them hand and foot. Enjoy all the perks of travelling around and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, without all the hassle and unwanted attention. Well, except from the celebrity you’re managing, of course. At least you only get shit from one person.

Aircraft cabin crew
Ah yes, the quintessential job that glamorously lets you fly all over the world and look good at the same time. In fact, being an air steward or stewardess is probably much easier now, given all the lower requirements that budget airlines require as compared to our national carrier. If you can take the ridiculous requests, abuse and downright dirty antics of passengers from all over the world, you might want to think about becoming one.

Fashion buyer
Finally, a job that isn’t so painfully obvious. For the select few who are fortunate enough to land a job as a professional buyer at a large boutique, modelling agency or fashion broadcaster, you’ll find yourself jetting across the fashion capitals of the world every time there is a new fashion season, scouting and picking out the latest thing Lady Gaga might be wearing.