5 crazy and fun rides you must really try when you’re in LEGOLAND Malaysia


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 2:19 pm

Have you been to LEGOLAND yet? If you have, you would likely be disappointed if you are looking for adult rides. Most of the rides in LEGOLAND are built for children; some of them are even solely for children.

Do not despair however, for there are 5 rides which adults can enjoy with their children. Read on to find out!

Dino Island
This ride is huge, so you cannot miss it. It is located in The Land of Adventure, somewhere in the middle. It is probably the most impressive ride there due to its massive size. The ride features a slow boat ride into the center of the structure, where it showcases an ancient ruin with plenty of interesting scenes built with Lego bricks. Once you’ve drifted past these scenes, you will exit the structure and the boat plunges head first into a tall water slide with a big splash! Wooosh!

Project X (Roller Coaster)
Located at Lego Technic somewhere near the entrance of LEGOLAND, this is a recreation of the Lego Technic cars, only these will bring you hurtling around a roller coaster track. The track is pretty simple, with only one scary drop and a small section where the car will bank left and right repeatedly. If you are looking for exhilarating rides, go on this one for 8 hours, for it is the only one ride that gives adrenaline junkies the rush that they need from roller coaster rides.

The Dragon (Roller Coaster)
This ride is located in the King’s castle inside Lego Kingdom. You can see the castle looming up high at the entrance. This is a gentler ride compared to Project X but it proves to be an interesting one due to the pretty scenes and Lego sculptures that you see before the roller coaster climbs for the ride. This ride is pretty popular with older children and adults alike, probably due to its gentler twists and turns.

The Lost Kingdom Adventure Ride
Also located in the Lego Kingdom, this is a very fun ride in which you compete with your fellow riders to see who shoots the most “monsters” during the ride. The cars are on a rail and it wounds and turns inside the darkened room. The ride has a story line and beautiful Lego sculptures with laser points which you will have to aim for with your laser shooter mounted on your car. It is an easy ride and made fun with the small competition between the riders. Poor aim and an extreme competitive nature could make this ride a frustrating one though.

Merlin’s Challenge / Technic-Twister
These 2 rides tie at number 5 because of their similar concepts. Merlin’s Challenge is found in the Lost Kingdom and is a train-like ride. The only difference between this and a train is that this one goes round and round. The speed is also fast enough to have you screaming in delight as you feel the wind blowing in your face.

The Technic-Twister is, of course, located at Lego Technic. It’s a technic-inspired tea-cup ride. The fun part of this ride is that both the floor and the tea-cup will be spinning in opposite directions; hence you will feel the pull of 2 different forces on you when riding it. The speed is also fast enough to bring some delight to adults as well as children.

Before you rush off to LEGOLAND to take these rides, do remember that the best part for any Lego fan would definitely be the Mini-land, so do head over to the Mini-land after all the fun rides you enjoy the next time you visit LEGOLAND Malaysia!

Top Image: abdrahimmahfar / Shutterstock.com