5 Good CNY Excuses You Can Use to Siam Going to Relatives House This CNY

What is CNY without Bai Nian? Going to relatives’ houses to Bai Nian is no easy task, for sometimes we meet distant relatives that we don’t even recognise and the whole situation just turns awkward in a matter of seconds. Don’t want to face it again this year? Try using these excuses to 

Don’t want to face it again this year? Try using these excuses to siam these visits. Don’t say you learn from here one hor!

1. “The workaholic”

“Mummy, I need to work on the first day of CNY!” Only applicable if you really are working on the first day of CNY. Some even say, ‘My per hourly rate is higher than the angbaos they give me. Fake smiling tougher than my job leh.’ Sounds good? 

Anyway, it’s true that some companies will pay double when you work during CNY. That’s really killing two birds with one stone!

2. “MC”

Try acting really sick on that day itself- your family probably wouldn’t force you to get out of bed. You could try the “I’m sure you won’t want ah ma ah gong to fall sick” card; it makes you a super considerate person. What’s more, you get to avoid the huge number of relatives that day!

But of course, the drawback is that you might not receive that many angbaos, because to some people, you need to be physically there to receive the angbaos. Still better than awkward silences, isn’t it?

3. “The fortune teller”

“I tell you horh, you know the very well-known Feng Shui master? He say I cannot go out on the day of CNY itself, if not will kena 血光之灾 and cause a close relative to kena very bad luck leh!” 

If you want to, post this on Facebook instead. I bet no one is going to invite you to their house. Period.

4. “The student”

Remember all the overdue assignments and project works that you’ve struggled to complete? Try using this “complaint like you really really have no time because of this certain urgent last minute project” technique.

Start mentioning to your family about how your stupid teacher wants you to do this super urgent project at the last minute. Tell them how you might have to miss CNY because of this. This will allow you family to have some time to be mentally prepared for you to stay at home at the last minute. Make sure you are able to pull it off and your family will naturally believe you. Fake it till you make it, yeah?

5. “The escape artist”

The best way to get out of the situation is to literally get out of Singapore altogether. Take a taxi to Changi Airport and inform your mum the minute before you take flight. She won’t be able to catch you this way, can she? Flight prices might be rising during this period, so do remember to book early!

Jokes aside, we all agree that although CNY visits are really awkward, but we do only see these relatives probably once a year or during festive seasons. So hang in there and brave through the awkwardness, you’ll never know that some of your angbaos might actually be higher than the per hourly rate of your part-time job!

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