5 Hidden Makan Places in Kallang With The Best Kallang Food So Good You’d Want to Keep Them to Themselves


Last Updated on 2020-02-12 , 2:17 pm

Kallang food is pretty underrated all things considered.

We have heard enough praises of food stalls, cafes, and restaurants in places like Bedok, Joo Chiat, Katong, and even all the way to Changi.

But aren’t we forgetting that Kallang (including Lavender and Bendemeer food) is populated with people who need to eat?

It is Goody Feed’s solemn duty not to leave any neighbourhood unexplored (if you are feeling left out, let us know) and no tasty food review unwritten.

Check out these Kallang cafes and Kallang restaurants, some are even located near public transport so you can get some good food near Lavender MRT.

Kallang Restaurants

1. AEIOU Cafe


Image: gourmetadventures.net
Image: gourmetadventures.net

This cafe is a sneaky one. “Disguised” as a furniture warehouse, I can’t believe how can I miss such culinary gem during my jogs around Kallang and Lavender.

Besides the great ambience, the food is definitely not a disappointment.

Image: simplypolar.com
Image: simplypolar.com

Take my advice when I say not to look down on the humble French roast chicken because the bird is flavourful, saturated with its juices and garden herbs. Simple but excellently done.

The chargrilled beef burger is a must-have. The patty is well-seasoned with pepper, salt, and other condiments, and combined with sweet-salty melted cheese, and onions (yes, I have a fetish for onions), the burger is simply restaurant-grade comfort food for the tired soul.

And, it is most important for you to finish off your meal with the traditional New York Cheesecake.

Mild and light, but somehow confusingly fluffy and firm at the same time, this cheesecake might give New York City’s much-lauded Cheesecake Factory a run for its money.

111 King George’s Ave
Singapore 208559

2. The Snack Culture Company

Image: greatnewplaces.com
Image: greatnewplaces.com

Bite-sized portions that promise fusion-inspired course meals from across the globe that won’t burn a huge horrifying hole in your pockets?

Or if you simply cannot make up your mind for dinner but want to be surprised, then The Snack Culture Company’s small plate degustation dinner will be your menu.


At this point, it would be futile for me to describe the awesomeness of The Snack Culture Company not only because literary descriptions are plain insulting and also its menu changes.

Image: snackculture.com
Image: snackculture.com

But I would definitely say this: Disappointment is not an ingredient in their gastronomic dishes.

#02-17, CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue
Singapore 339407

3. Issho Izakaya

Image: juzdeals.com
Image: juzdeals.com

With Japanese food, ramen is my to-go default selection. The Issho Ramen boasts the usual firm and springy shio noodles; soft, melt-in-your-mouth roast charsiew; slightly salty but crispy nori (seaweed); and the Japanese boiled egg topped off with spring onions.

But the traditional lightly-flavoured but salty broth is the unique element that differentiates good ramen from lousy ones.


I might be biased as I favour the nimono, kushiyaki, and agemono items than sushi and makimono.

Nonetheless, Issho Izakaya is the place to go for Japanese when in Kallang for dinner. I mean let’s face it, the rave Issho Izakaya reviews are telling enough of just how good this restaurant is.

1 Stadium Place #01-13/K5
Kallang Wave @ Sports Hub
Singapore 397628

4. Sheng Kee Cooked Food

Image: sg.openrice.com
Image: sg.openrice.com

If you are in the mood for noodles, then head straight for Sheng Kee.

The Hong Kong-styled soy chicken noodles and wanton noodles are my favourites.

Firm noodles in light but aromatic and savoury sauce, accompanied by either tender and moist braised chicken or tasty charsiew and delicious wanton with thin wrappings and ample fillings are responsible for loyal customers and long queues during lunch and dinner hours.


Blk 69 Geylang Bahru
Geylang Bahru Market and Food Centre, #01-2795
Singapore 330069

5. Chung Ping Chicken Rice

Image: durianporean.com
Image: durianporean.com

At times, simplicity is best, isn’t it?

And the humble chicken rice from Chung Ping really hits the spot when you are hungry and probably unsure of what to eat. The serving is rather generous, unlike other places that give only a few stringy mangy bits of meat.

Tender and moist, the chicken is really excellent when paired with thick sweet dark soy sauce and a dash of chilli (not a huge fan of chilli but I will make do).

The rice is very fragrant and delicious without being too cloying or oily, which tastes just right with me.


Plus, the dish comes with some pickled vegetables which are an unusual but definitely delicious twist that adds more oomph.

#01-58, Bendemeer Market and Food Centre
Blk 29 Bendemeer Road, 330029

If you’re looking for what to eat in Kallang, we hope this list will help you out on your search for good food in Kallang.