Everything You Need To Know About The Increase In Public Transport Fares Starting On 28 December 2019

Uh-oh, another public transport fare hike again.

Well, with great progress comes great price increases.

I know it doesn’t have quite the same ring as the famous Spiderman tagline, but hey, I try.

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Anyway, here’s what you need to know about the public transport fare increases from 28 December 2019 onwards:

  • Public transport fares will increase by seven percent come 28 December 2019
  • One in two Singaporeans will be less affected because of concessionary fares ie. student fares and elderly fares
  • Adult fares will be nine cents more per trip
  • Concessionary rate beneficiaries ie. senior citizens, low-wage workers, persons with disabilities and students will see the smallest increase of four cents
  • Single-trip ticket users or those who pay cash will see an increase of 20 cents, the biggest increase
  • Polytechnic students will enjoy concessionary rates for the first time

This is the biggest percentage jump since 1998. The reasons cited include increasing energy costs.

This means that those buying monthly concession passes will have to shell out between $1 to $8 more.

Low-income families, however, need not fret.

You can apply for $50 public transport vouchers issued by the Public Transport Council. There are 450,000 vouchers to be distributed and you can apply for them at your nearest Community Centre from 11 November 2019 to 31 October 2020.

Singapore’s Public Transport Fares Still the Lowest

Singapore’s public transport fares still remain one of the lowest compared to many other developed cities.

The Public Transport Council posted an infographic on its Facebook page showing the comparison.

Chairman of Singapore’s Public Transport Council, Mr Richard Magnus, a retired district judge, explained that fare adjustments are calculated according to consumer costs, wages, energy indices, system capacity, and maintenance.

Image: ptc.gov.sg

Higher Efficiency = Higher Costs

It’s quite inevitable that better technology and higher efficiency also lead to higher costs.

A more advanced computer is definitely going to cost a lot more than a basic model, but will help you get a lot more done.

Similarly, paying slightly more for public transportation can lead to faster, safer and more comfortable rides in the long-run. There will be little details that you may not realize that make for better public transport experiences.

For example, bus stops now have electronic panels that tell you roughly when your next bus is arriving. This sets your mind at ease and allows you to make alternative arrangements.

These features cost money. But are worth it.

So perhaps pay the few cents extra and enjoy a much better public transport experience?

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