5 Locations for Private Pool Parties in Singapore to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday


Having a private pool is always popular among guests as it simply lifts up the mood of the entire party. As Singapore is almost always sunny, everyone is ready to take a plunge into the pool to relief the heat!

1. Villa Paradiso


Image source: venuerific.com

Located right behind the Singapore Botanic Gardens, this private estate is in a breathtaking setting, most suitable for party and relaxation.  with a lush tropical garden and a charming courtyard, be prepared to indulge yourself in endless fun and laughter.

Villa Paradiso
261 Waterloo St, Singapore 180261

2. Hi-So Rooftop Bar


Image source: sofitel-so-singapore.com

If the flora and fauna are not your thing, then check out the Hi-So Rooftop Bar. A private pool together with a stunning view is definitely great, especially for office workers who want to take a break after work. Be dazzled by the city’s skyline and enjoy the cooling water with a glass of cocktail.

Hi-So Rooftop Bar
35 Robinson Road, (Drop off Point – Boon Tat Link), Singapore 068876

3. Heritage Villa


Image source: blog.venuerific.com

Situated along the Geylang district, these shophouses are perfect if you want to have a closer and intimate gathering with a few of your friends or have a small-scale party. Each place has been turned into a different concept so you get to choose your favourite and unique apartment.

4. Airbnb listings


Image: airbnb.co.uk

Renting Airbnb apartments is great for parties. Some come at a very reasonable price and some of these locations are more convenient for your guests as compared to other places. For example, the one shown above is near the city centre where you can admire the skyline!

5. Poolside Terrace-One 15 Marina Club


Image source: theweddingscoop.com

With a stunning backdrop, this Poolside Terrace is perfect for hosting your own private event for up to 100 people. Located at Sentosa Cove, both guests and yourself are able to enjoy many other activities for an unforgettable party.

Poolside Terrace-One 15 Marina Club
11 Cove Drive, #01-01, Sentosa Cove, 098497

Get ready to rock the night with your friends at a private pool party!

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Featured Image: blog.venuerific.com

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