5 Must-Know Wedding Preparation Tips For A Stress-Free Wedding



Have you ever heard of the term Bridezilla?

“Bridezilla’s” are brides who have been the terror of many of their family members and friends during the wedding preparation. Also commonly known as the bride that scrutinizes her mind over the smallest details, goes wild on her vendors by creating a messy situation or even worse making someone who has been part of her wedding planning journey, cry – a Bridezilla would be what you want to avoid becoming into.

Weddings are supposed to be a happy and joyous occasion instead of an unhappy, frustrating and stressful experience. Brides who want the ultimate tip top celebration will obsess over the tiniest details like between an ice white or ghost white paper napkin. As long as you aren’t willing to compromise, or the fact that certain things can’t be as perfect as you want them to be, then you will never really be truly happy with your wedding.

So in order to avoid the mistake of ever having your friends witness you be a Bridezilla and be terrorized by you, here are 5 wedding preparation tips to remember for a stress-free wedding and a stress-free you!

  1. Share The Load


It’s certainly tempting to want to do everything by yourself, especially because you know that not everyone will understand exactly what you want. However, sharing the load will help you ease your burden as you get the right vendors, reliable family and friends to be involved and be part of your special occasion. As every journey comes with a story, this too will be a fulfilling and treasured experience for everyone involved because of everyone’s combined effort.


Once again, bear in mind that once you assign certain roles out to others, these tasks may not be completed to your exact specifications and expectations.  You can oversee the process and result, but give whomever that’s helping you some room to finish the tasks their way. Who knows, perhaps their small creative flair can also make things look better than you’ve imagined!

If you are very particular about certain tasks, these important projects can be kept for yourself to manage; fish out those projects that are not of major importance to your helpers so you don’t end up overloading them. With a lighter load, you can focus on what’s top priority better and not dwell on rushing to meet an unrealistic timeline.

  1. There Are Dreams That Cannot Be


All of us wants the wedding of our dreams but we have to face the fact that some things are just impossible. Depending on your budget and available resources within reach, you may have to compromise on some aspects of your celebration. Accept the limitations and move on; dwelling on impossible dreams may lead to even more disappointments.

  1. It’s Not Always “All In The Details”


As a wedding guest, have you actually paid attention to every single detail to the wedding? Which type of flowers, how many stalks? How many pages are in the wedding album? How many photos are in the wedding album? So chances are, neither will your guests.

The spotlight would totally be on you and your partner!  Although importance will be placed on the setup on the stage, main colour combinations, as well as the food, other details like the favours and the music playlist, are of secondary importance. But if you choose to prioritise every single detail of the celebration, just note that not all of it will be noticed and appreciated.

Once you plan out what’s of main priority, you can learn to allocate your time and effort more wisely. If you wish to have stunning decor, then invest more of your time and effort on it. If food is of utmost concern, go for food tasting to make sure the menu and cuisine is up to your standards. Don’t waste your time unnecessarily.

  1. Make Informed Decisions


It is tempting to take shortcuts make quick, hasty decisions when you feel like you are running out of time. But by not making an informed decision, it takes you twice as fast to change your mind on that decision and can lead to a messy situation. Spend time to do your research so that when a decision is made, it is one that you are happy and sure of. Make it a point that once a decision is made, you will let go of that task from your to-do list; this will help clear your schedule for other tasks that need your full attention. Your helpers will also be more productive if they have clear instructions and directions

  1. Spend Time On What Really Matters


Now, by delegating the various tasks you can focus on what’s important and spend time on what really matters – your other half and loved ones. As you are stepping into married life, take time to be with your family because you would be spending lesser time with them in the future. Also, sometimes all this talk about the wedding can stress you and your partner out. So what you can do is to plan a schedule and timeline for setting aside time for other couple or family activities!

Remember, don’t cheat and be disciplined about your priorities and schedules! It’ll only do you good at the end of it all 😉
We hope you have enjoyed our wedding preparation tips to keep you all relaxed towards your big day!

Maybe you will not agree with us on the following, however this is our approach with our couples. We bring you valuable advice by posing you questions, giving you time to analyze what you really need versus what you really want and sharing the pros and cons of every decision that you make. Instead of the usual way of sweet-talking, we give you the most honest and sincere consultation and this may be even why we’re nominated as one of the Top 5 Bridal boutiques in Singapore!


With reliable and trustworthy vendors, you are in good hands as we share the load with you and provide you with the best for what’s of utmost importance on your list!

Be on your way to a stress-free wedding with us!
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}The Louvre Bridal Team


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