$5 Off $12 Deliveroo Bundle Meals for Today & Tomorrow!


In 2018, there are two things we absolutely love: foods like crispy chicken rendang (or any nice foods lah) and promo codes.

Seeing that promo codes for private-hire cars are going to be part of history due to a marriage of the century, and that crispy chicken rendang is a dying fad, we thought the things we love would no longer exist.

Well, no. Because there’s a promo code for Deliveroo, and it’s about food (though it’s not crispy chicken rendang).

To get in that Singapore Sevens spirit, Deliveroo is offering a ‘scrum’-ptious selection of finger food for only $7 (that’s after the promo code), originally at $12. If you don’t know what Singapore Sevens is because you’re not from elite secondary schools, don’t worry: I DGAF too.

I just GAF about the promo code.

You see, in Deliveroo, there are some resturants that provide a $12 special bundle: I checked out one of the restaurants that deliver to our office at Bukit Batok Crescent and found this from 4Fingers:


Pretty good deal, considering that it’s mere $12.

But hold your horses, because it’s about to get cheaper.

For today (28 April 2018) and tomorrow (29 April 2018), you can use the promo code SINGAPORE7S to get $5 off those $12 bundles. That effectively means your bundle has just become $7 (‘coz Singapore Sevens).

Your stomach (and your parents’ credit card) won’t forgive you if you miss out on this promotion.

This code is valid for both new and existing customers.

Terms and conditions, as usual, apply, but there isn’t any indicated in the media release we’ve received so I can only list down one: promotion only applies if you’re hungry AF.

Now, please excuse me as I try to look for my boss’s credit card. I deserve it for working during the weekends, and I’m helping him save some money, too.

Come back tomorrow to the Goody Feed app for a new deal!

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