5 Reasons Why S’poreans Love SCDF ‘Coz Today (4 May) is International Firefighters’ Day


So we all know that Mothers’ Day is right around the corner (if you didn’t, consider this your first warning hor!).

But I bet you didn’t know that right in that window where you start panicking and realising you have nothing prepared for your mom, it’s International Firefighters’ Day today.

That’s right.

Every 4th of May is International Firefighters’ Day!

Today is the day that people all around the world remember their real everyday heroes…you know, the ones that cannot be destroyed by Infinity Stones…hahaha, yes I went there.

They do a lot that we take for granted, you know.

I mean, who else are you gonna call when your house is burning down or you are tangled up in an accident, or you’re stuck in some sort of crazy, dangerous, life-threatening situation (touch wood lah, okay!).

Although people usually remember those firefighters that heroically gave their lives today, we thought it would be nice to give some sugar to our very own living Life Saving Force – SCDF today!

Image: straitstimes.com

These men and women are brave and selfless every single day, putting their lives ahead of yours, and in Singapore, they are not always given the appreciation and love they deserve!

So here are 5 reasons that we fell in love with SCDF this year!

1. Their Preserverance

Can we just take a moment to talk about the week where Singapore had 3 major fire incidents back to back? And just remember, these major fires take hours to put out.

That’s right…HOURS.

And these firefighters on the scene don’t have reliefs, or stand-ins either! So no matter how tough and physically demanding it is, they still have to give their 100% until the fire is gone.

Some of these photos circulating the internet will show you how exhausted these firemen looked but they continued to persevere to put out the fire so we can all be safe!

Image result for pulau busing fire


Their heroic acts got them a ton of compliments from netizens and even PM Lee.

Like we said, not many people could have stood there for hours putting out fires and then going on to the next place to fight another fire!

2. Their Tough Training

Training to become an SCDF Firefighter in Singapore is not easy, contrary to popular belief. Especially if you want to be part of the elite team. I mean, these men and women go through hours and hours of hardcore training both mentally and physically.

Image: Reddit

You just can’t simply go out and do what they do!

Image result for you simply cannot meme


It requires hours of effort and not to mention, a strong stomach to see half the things they see every day and still have a sane mind! Mad props to them for still committing to keeping us safe.

And also, their training never stops!

When they are back at their fire stations, they continue training to get stronger, better and faster. All so that when they are called to service, they are well-equipped to be the heroes we all need.

Image result for fireman training meme

3. Their Social Media Game

So, I don’t know what’s been going on with their social media team, but they have been on FIRE recently (hahaha get it? on fire? SCDF? hahaha, okay I’m going to stop now).

They have been funny and informative, and really engaging the netizens of Singapore on everything that’s been going on!


I mean, check out their video for International Firefighters Day.

And do you guys remember when they fooled us on April Fools with ACE – their ‘give way to emergency vehicles’ video?

Or their hilarious Rendang Meme after the whole crispy rendang controversy?


Image result for you got me meme

Now since we don’t know what’s the next funny thing they are going to pull out from their sleeves, stay alert! Later kena burn by their next post (hahaha, yes I went there again).

4. They Made Us Believe in Fairy Tales

No superhero movie is really ever that complete without a little bit of the lovey-dovey mushy stuff in there right! Just like SCDF!

On a 2018 Valentines Day special in their in-house magazine, we all found ourselves tearing up a little(okay lah, maybe just me but I’m such a romantic, okay) at the love story of SWO Raj and CPT Ling!

Serious couple goals!

Married for 15 years, their incredible love story all started the day he ‘found her really cute’ and then snatched up the opportunity to hold her hand when it was pouring with rain! Just like a movie right!


Like that scene in the Notebook!

Image result for notebook rain scene

Let’s hope their burning (get it?? hahaha, someone should really stop me now) love for each other never dies out cuz this is some serious superhero love-story couple goals!

Image result for firefighter meme

5. Their Firefighting Robots

I swear, I won’t be surprised if SCDF is hiding Tony Stark in their headquarters because they JUST dropped some major Stark enterprises-worthy technological awesomeness…their little firefighting robots!

That’s right!

Not only do they look so freakin’ cute, but they also go into places that are on fire, scan for human life (like that scene out of The Incredibles – mad props if you know which one I’m talking about), and shoot out jets of water to put out the fire!

Then they give you a little ‘threat assessment’ before retreating!

Image result for scdf robot

This not just helps to save the lives of firefighters, but also makes saving human lives more efficient because in the blanket of thick smoke where its hard to see, the robot can tell these heroes exactly where human life is so they can be quickly rescued!

Image result for save me meme

And also, have I mentioned they are so. freakin’. CUTE? And SCDF, if you really are hiding Tony Stark in there, just let him know that my ironwoman suit is way overdue? Thanks!

So here are 5 reasons why SCDF has made us fall in love with them in 2018! If you know any of your friends or family who’s currently serving, or if SCDF has responded to an event that you were around to witness, please say thank you!

A little love and kindness goes a long way!

To all firemen and firewomen out there, you guys will always be heroes in our books! Thank you so much SCDF, and Happy International Firefighters Day!

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