5 Signs That Your HDB Flat is Haunted


Last Updated on 2022-07-25 , 2:41 pm

Do you hear voices or strange sounds at home? Do your things get moved around? Are you having troubles falling asleep?

It is difficult to entertain the possibility that your house may be haunted. Before panicking, pay attention to these five things to know if your home is also housing some unwanted occupants.

1. Shadows

Shadows are tricky because they are hard to use as proof of your house being haunted. They usually appear at the corner of your eyes and quickly disappear as well. But if you regularly see these figures at home and you know for sure it doesn’t belong to someone else or something, then you can be sure that there are unwanted guests in your house.

If other family members feel the same uneasiness as you do or if you’ve seen shadow figures standing in dark corners staring at you, it’s probably time to hire some help.

2. Closures and Movements

Usually, when doors open or close, or when furniture move, you won’t be at the site of the incident to see it. You might hear it though, especially if it’s loud or if you live in a smaller apartment. Furniture would be in a different place and sometimes the lights that you thought you switched on remains switched off.

Sometimes when you are alone at home or in the shower, you hear someone coming into the house thinking that its one of your family member, only to realise that you are still alone upon further checking.

These things may be due to your absent-mindedness. But if they occur frequently enough, it’s time to make a conscious effort to remember when you’ve closed the door or where you’ve placed certain things in an effort to document these occurrences.

3. Voices

You are alone in the house or in bed in the middle of the night, and you near someone calling your name. You hear whispers and people talking so softly that you can’t make out what they’re saying. You hear laughter or cries, especially those of children, when you know for a fact it can’t be your neighbours. If these voices persist and are constantly hounding you, it could be more than just your imagination.

4. Missing Things

You leave your stuff on the table and the next thing you know, its missing. These missing items disappear in your house only to be found several days later in the most unusual of places. Your things are no longer in their regular spots and after searching high and low for them, you find them lying someplace you’re sure you’ve checked.

Ghosts tend to hide things to get your attention. These occurrences are minor but if you continue to neglect them, it might force the entity to ramp up efforts. This can be potentially problematic.

5. Cold Spots

If it’s a warm night and you are clearly feeling the heat, and of a sudden the air around you turns cold. And after a while, the coldness is gone. Also, you have noticed that some parts of your home are strangely cold while the other parts are warm.

You have also experienced unexpected sudden gushes of wind or breeze several times while in your house. Sometimes, the temperature in the entire house can also drop for no reason. If you don’t have an air-conditioner, then this can be a strange occurrence. If you do have one, make sure you have it checked first.

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