5 Similarities Between a BMT Sergeant & a Girlfriend / Wife


Last Updated on 2018-10-14 , 5:35 pm

For those who are currently in a committed relationship, you will probably know what I am talking about.

For those who aren’t, well, read this article to avoid being shocked at what your girlfriend might say or do that might just make you flashback to your BMT days!

Take your time, it’s okay.”

No, it’s definitely not okay. Remember back to your BMT days when your sergeant says that to you and immediately after that, the whole platoon is in the pushup position while he yells at you?

Your girlfriend says the exact same thing to you, and when you finally meet her, you’ll be met with an unhappy face, stony silence or even worse, a temperament woman.

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Pick me up at 6PM, our movie starts at 7.20PM.”

You’ll be rushing through your own stuff and leave the house, speeding erratically to your girlfriend’s house in order to reach on time, only to have her leisurely stroll down from her flat at 7PM and you find yourself rushing to catch your movie; similar to how you have to fall in at your company line within 10 minutes, only to spend 30 minutes waiting for your activity to start before you rush to do the activity.

If you think that rushing to wait and waiting to rush is only experienced during NS, well you might just want to think again.

“Never Mind”.

When your sergeant says “never mind”, he actually means he mind. A lot. When your girlfriend says never mind? Yes, she minds a lot too!

So the next time your girlfriend says never mind, be sure to placate her or you can be sure that she will bring it up the next time she argues with you.


Whatever she says goes. Whatever you say, don’t.

This might not be what everyone of us experience, but most girlfriends feels that she should be listened to; similar to your BMT sergeant, if you don’t obey, you might just find your life getting harder.

You report to them.

Have you ever received texts from your girlfriend asking about your whereabouts or what you are doing? This is their way of checking on you, and when you have to report everything – okay not everything but significant things to them, doesn’t it just remind you of your BMT where you have to report every significant thing to your sergeants or risk facing harsher punishments?

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