5 S’pore News That You Should Know About That Were Reported Yesterday (8 September 2019)


Let’s face it: in this social media world, exciting and viral news like a cat feeding a baby beer would often appear in your Facebook news feed, while important news like the GDP growth of Singapore this year wouldn’t get the same reach.

It’s understandable since social media platforms would prioritise engaging and viral contents to keep users in their platform.

In order to ensure that you’d still know about important news instead just social news, below are the top five Singapore news that was reported yesterday which you should know, simplified for you in a bite-sized format:

Car Slams Into Man and Young Girl at Pedestrian Crossing in Bukit Batok

A car hit a 61-year-old man and a young girl when they were crossing a road junction in Bukit Batok.

Dashcam footage showed the pair crossing the road junction as the green man signal was blinking when they were hit by the white car which was making a discretionary right turn.

The car knocked both of them to the ground but the man bore most of the impact.

The man was conscious when taken to the National University Hospital.

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Kallang River Gets $86 Million Upgrade to Enhance Flood Protection & Water Features

A 1.8km stretch along Kallang River has had a $86 million upgrade to boost its flood protection for residents in the area.

The four-year project, called ABC Waters @ Kallang River, will also strengthen the canal’s structural integrity.

As part of the makeover, features to beautify the area were also built, such as a naturalised slope, small islands with plants, and water cascades.

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Infant Among 3 Taken to Hospital After Car Crashed Into Kampong Bahru Bus Stop

A car carrying a 28-year-old woman and a 10-month-old infant boy crashed into a bus stop near the junction of Blair Road and Kampong Bahru Road on Saturday night (Sept 7).

Both the woman and the infant were taken to the National University Hospital, while a 27-year-old male pedestrian was taken to Singapore General Hospital.

All three were conscious when taken to hospital.

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NEA To Take Action Against Man Who Dumped Used Diaper Onto Car at Tampines Mall

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said it would be taking action against the man who tossed a soiled diaper onto another car at the Tampines Mall carpark.

The man was recorded on the victim’s car’s dashboard camera, and the owner later reported it to the authorities and posted the video on Facebook.

The offender could be punished for littering.

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Woman Who Drove Against Traffic in Viral Video Assisting Police With Investigations 

A 32-year-old woman is assisting with police investigations after she drove against traffic in Upper Cross Street.

In a viral video online, the woman’s black Mercedes Benz car can be seen moving in a direction opposite to the flow of traffic, on the leftmost lane.

You can watch the video here:


No injuries were reported.

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