5 Things About The Pokemon Movie with Furry Pikachu You Must Know Before It Screens In 2 Days’ Time


Huge Pokémon fan? Collected every card and on a constant hunt for merchandise? Went from Jurong to Changi when Pokemon GO was hot?

Then I bet you that you’ll be over the moon to hear this: this Thursday, there will be a new Pokémon movie with realistic Pokémon, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.

And no, it’s not yet another cartoon. It’s a live-action movie with real actors and actresses, and erm, real Pokemon.

Here are 5 things about the movie you’ve got to know before watching your favourite furry Pikachu.

Is Ash in the Movie?

It appears that Pikachu has jumped ship because Ash Ketchum is not his trainer this time around…

Instead, we have Tim Goodman, a failed Pokémon trainer. When his father (detective Harry Goodman) goes missing in a car crash, Tim pairs up with Pikachu (Harry’s former Pokémon partner) to uncover the mystery.

Wait, Tim what?

Justice Smith as Tim Goodman

The 23-year-old actor has been called a ‘breakout talent’ since Netflix musical drama series The Get Down. Smith played the protagonist Ezekiel Figuero.

Image: vulture.com

In 2017, Smith was an honoree on Forbes 30 under 30 list.

What struck me about Smith was his grounded-ness. In an interview with Forbes, Smith was asked to define success, to which he replied:

“Achieving your potential. If you keep your motivation intrinsic, it’ll free you up of all sense of hierarchy and competition with others. Success is a fleeting thing. Because at the end of the day whatever level you are at, there is always a higher place you can go. It’s important to appreciate it while you have it and then think about what you can change to better yourself at your next opportunity.”

Pokemon in Real Life 

Now, as mentioned earlier, it’s going to be Pokemon IRL.

While I personally didn’t think it was odd to have realistic characters, many of you out there probably think otherwise. I mean, some Pokemons are flurry?!

Image: bbc.com

“Gross” seems like the most commonly used word to describe the movie and its characters. I might be the only but I don’t see anything horrifying about Pikachu…do you?

Image: warnerbros.com

Ok, I take my words back. Mr Mime looks like a peach Voldemort with horns. Plus his shoulders look like overripe stereos.

For the uninitiated, Mr Mime actually looks like this:

Image: bulbagarden.net

What the Mime, right.

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu

Say what? Yes, Ryan Reynolds voices the iconic Pokémon in the movie. The 42-year-old Deadpool star is set out to rob our hearts once again by voicing the most beloved Pokémon character of the late 90s.

Image: hollywoodreporter.com

The charming actor even posted this on twitter:

Image: twitter.com

Pika Pika, indeed.

Did I get you really keen on the movie now? Well, you should be–it’s like watching a childhood fantasy come to life (though Mr Mime might bring back your childhood nightmare). Here’s a snippet of the movie:


The movie is scheduled to be out on 9 May 2019.

Pokémon Center @ Jewel Changi Airport 

And if the craze isn’t huge enough for you Pokémon fans, don’t forget that we are having our very own Pokémon Center in Singapore soon. This new Pokémon Center will be the first and only Pokémon Center opened outside of Japan.

Image: nitendosoup.com

That’s right, you’ll no longer have to hop on the plane to Japan to visit one. Just board the next train all the way down to Jewel Changi Airport.

The Pokemon craze nowadays is too damn high.