5 things you must buy in Taiwan’s 7-11 because you can’t find them anywhere

Last Updated on 2017-07-23 , 3:46 pm

Taiwan is a land of many wonders. Good food, friendly people, pretty decent shopping and one of the pioneers of romantic dramas. For Taiwan enthusiasts, there is never a dull moment, not even when their only option for a midnight snack or late night dinner is from their nearest 7-11.

It’s a wondrous playground of snacks, food items and even electronics in case of any last minute emergencies. So what are the 5 top things you must buy in Taiwan’s 7-11 that you will not find anywhere else?

Let’s take a look.

Tea leaves egg

You can probably get this at those medical halls in Singapore and Malaysia but getting it from a 7-11? Taiwan’s the first. And those of us who love this stuff, you know how the fragrance fills up every single nook and cranny of the place it is in. So yes, you can smell the savoury, salty, delicious smell wafting through the air as you take a leisurely stroll through the aisles.

Microwaveable porridge

And it’s not just any old plain porridge either. These bowls of joy come with condiment choices like century egg (loves!), yam and many more. It is packed full of flavour and have the consistency similar to a bowl of porridge you would order at a proper food stall, unlike the weird tasting packet ones we have here in Singapore.

Lu rou fan bento

How can anyone not have braised pork rice when they come to Taiwan? For those who are unfortunate enough to not have the chance to have a proper one in their markets or streets, fret not. There’s always the 7-11 bento version to satisfy your cravings with. And let me tell you this, there is none of that icky, left on the shelf too long kind of texture or taste to this. Believe it or not, it may even taste slightly better than some of the ones sold outside.

Pineapple tarts

Nope these aren’t the pineapple tarts you have every Chinese New Year either. The Taiwanese term it affectionately as Feng Li Shu, which has a sweet, sour pineapple centre, wrapped with a buttery crust that goes super well together with the filling. Although this is sold at almost every corner of Taiwan, the fact that even their 7-11 sells it makes things so much easier doesn’t it?

Doraemon snacks

Image: taiwanislove.blogspot.com
Image: taiwanislove.blogspot.com

If you are a big fan of this Japanese, bao ga liao (everything also have), character, you are in for a big surprise. Taiwanese 7-11 carry a wide range of this character’s snacks for all its adoring followers and even if they are just simple crackers, biscuits and sweets, you need to understand that not every 7-11 carry this product. So look high and low, far and wide if you really, really want this.

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