5 Things People Do to a ‘Chou Chou’ That’ll Activate The Owner’s Rage Mode

Image: bantalbusuklover.blogspot.sg

Also known as a bantal busak, a chou chou, for those who do not know, is something personal which you carried and used from young to now, and probably for the rest of your life.

It could be a bolster, a tiny pillow, a soft toy or even a blanket but the point is this: it is something you will never want to part with for the rest of your life.

We do not just want them; we need them. But some people, mostly parents, just do not understand why we are so dependent on our chou chou and thus, say or do heart-breaking things to them that we will definitely hate and get pissed off to no end.

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Here are five of them.

(P.S. If you’re a parent, do your kid a favour and please don’t do any of these to his or her chou chou.)

Wash our chou chou

One main reason why we love our chou chou so much is the smell. Actually, it is not just a smell: it is our own personal scent. It is the accumulation of our own sweat, tears and other personal smells from our own body that we build up over the years.

Simply put, the scent on our chou chou is like heaven to us because it is us.

We need to sniff it at least once a day (admit that lah). Then your parents decided to wash it because of that smell.

Do they have any idea how long it took for us to accumulate that heavenly smell?

There is nothing more horrifying than coming back home and seeing your chou chou being washed. Trust me, I have been there before. And I believe, like me, you all went on a rampage, screaming at whoever that did this horrifying act, and could not sleep for a few nights.

Say that our chou chou stinks and is dirty

It is not smelly! As I said, it is a compilation of our own smell. Our heavenly smell!

To you, it stinks, but to us, it smells like paradise. So, shut up about it being smelly.

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There’s a difference between smell and scent, and it’s always scent to us. Only.

Bask our chou chou in the sun

I will bask you in the sun instead! Do you even have any idea how that will change the whole smell of our chou chou?

The whole idea is to remove the smell, but the whole damn idea of a chou chou is that smell! What were they thinking?

Ask if we can throw away our chou chou

You can throw away my smartphone, my PlayStation or my favourite pair of shoes, but once you throw away my chou chou, you’ve thrown part of me away.

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Literally throw away our chou chou without even asking

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you start a family war.

Parents, don’t do it. Just don’t.

(P.S. If you think my tone is a bit too much here, I apologise. I had this chou chou in the form of a bolster and I have been using it for 10+ years. Then one day, I went home and realised that my mother just threw the whole thing away! Man, I had never been so furious in my life! It’s like RAGE MODE ACTIVATED!)

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