5 Things to Do Before Taking an IPPT So As to Get a Gold & Avoid RT

Last Updated on 2024-07-11 , 12:58 pm

Remember your IPPT? I bet everyone does; after all, SAF is always the first to wish us happy birthday via text: “Your IPPT window is now open from 12 XXX 2017 to 11 XXX 2018. Please remember to complete your IPPT requirement within the window.”

If you’re confused over IPPT because you’ve not serve NS before, you might want to watch this first:

A few years back, the news that the old IPPT is going to change its system to the new one was received with wide arms and loud cheers by many of us; after all, without the dreaded standing broad jump and pull-up stations, passing our IPPT no longer seemed impossible.

In addition, monetary rewards for scoring in the new IPPT have increased as well: $200 for passing with incentive, $400 for Silver and $500 for Gold.

Increased rewards for easier tests, where else can you get such a good deal?

In order to help us NSman score better, here are 5 things you should do before your IPPT test to improve your results.

Refrain from physically intensive exercise two days before your IPPT test
While it is important for us to train for our IPPT, we must also ensure that our body has recovered sufficiently from all the training that we put our abused bodies through. Taking two days to rest from physically intensive exercises will allow our bodies to be in optimal condition and perform our best during the test.

Eat more empty calories the day before
Eating empty calories can help your body to store extra energy for your IPPT test. Empty calories are basically white food (e.g. rice, bread) that everyone should avoid: but for IPPT, it’s apparently okay to have them one day before the test.

Sleep well the night before your test
It is important for your body to be well-rested before any physical activities. If you are not sure what exactly constitutes a good night sleep, go for army style: lights out at 10.30 p.m. and wake up at 5.30 a.m. Well, this could be also why you always get a Gold during your NSF days #justsaying

Drink Red Bull Before the Test
Red bull gives you wings! Okay, maybe not literally but one of our writers in our office swears that drinking red bull just before the test has literally shaved 30 secs off his 2.4 k.. run. Placebo effect? It doesn’t matter because 2.4 km run is all in the mind, right?

Eat Banana
Bananas are a great source of energy that will boost up your energy level quickly. Have a banana or two just before your test to ensure that your energy doesn’t run out on you in the middle of the test. Just don’t go overboard and devour a whole bunch of them or you just might find yourself running for the toilets instead!

Featured Image: Facebook (The Singapore Army)