5 traits of a girl that men find irresistible

The girls of today are of a totally different breed from the girls of, say, fifty years ago. They’re empowered, they’re independent, and they’re strong. These changes definitely have its pros and cons.

However, the men have largely stayed unchanged, and it is still the old fashioned women that attracts them the most. When speaking about the ideal woman, their mother and grandmother’s characteristics will come to mind, and these are the traits that are largely missing on today’s girls.

What is it that comes to mind when the word “mother” is mentioned? For most us, it is a pair of warm and gentle and nurturing hands that can put even the most troubled mind to peace. And this caring trait is what men crave for in a girl, a soft touch to balance the toughness of a man.

Being original is important, but original girls are hard to come by nowadays when all you see is the same girl with different faces. It is really difficult to fall for a girl who is a sheep in disguise. The same music tastes, the same outfit, Starbucks, the same thinking and all that shit. Having your own mind and being intelligent is incredibly attractive.

A girl who constantly improves herself is a major turn on for guys. That means that the girl cannot be a complacent sloth who slacks her day away and expect to be served like a princess. This is why a girl who is knowledgeable and loves reading is so attractive to a guy.

An understanding girl will definitely make a guy’s time with her much better, and over time, when he has associated feeling good with her, she’ll become irresistible to him. Not being understanding, on the other hand, makes the guy’s life extremely difficult and you can be sure he’ll be gone sooner or later.

Guys as a general rule tend to pay little attention to the details. This is why a meticulous girl can easily amaze and make a guy obsessed with her. She can make him appreciate things he never paid attention to, such as decorating a birthday card, decorating her room, etc etc.

That being said, beauty still lies in the eyes of the beholder. There are outliers, but for most men, the above traits certainly do make a girl more attractive. It may not sound very pleasant to some, who might even go as far to call it misogyny.

That doesn’t matter, as these are what majority of men are attracted too. If you decide to disregard it, then you might want to seriously consider getting a few kittens now for company.

Top Image: wichan / Shutterstock.com


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