5 Unscientific Ways to Have a Sharp Jawline That We Still Try ‘Coz #Instagram

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Everyone wants a sharp jawline. I mean, who wouldn’t? Just look at this.

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It’s adds definition to your face; it doesn’t make your face look like a Big Pau; and best of all it makes those panties/briefs drop faster than the speed of light.

ANYWAY, the key point here’s how to get a sharp jawline, and if you want one, well, best to start digging your ears and listen.

And prepare your facial features too, because they are going to ache.

Like a kitten in a microwave.


Facial exercises

You know how your body conforms after a long period of working out?

Well, same goes for your face too. It is a part of your body after all.


So you know the drill, huh? Start making funny faces at bystanders on the road, now.

Alright on a serious note.

Aside from chin lifts…

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There are also exercises specifically for your jaw, like head twists, and just opening your jaws wide like a shark.

Oh and smile more too. Smiling uses more muscles than anything, if you weren’t aware, so spam that smile.

It makes you look better too, so #bestofbothworlds.

If you want a sample set, here’s one:

Warm-up: Smile as wide as a puffer fish and keep it there for 10 seconds.

2 sets of Head Twists: 20 reps

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2 sets of Open-your-jaw-like-a-shark: 15 reps

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1 sets of Chin Lifts: 15 reps

1 set of Clench-your-jaw-tight-then-release-and-repeat: 20 reps

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Do it three times a day, and see the results after a month!

If it works please do thank me.

If it doesn’t, well, too bad. You can either increase the number of sets, or change exercises completely.

And always make sure you feel the burn. It’s like working out; if it’s not burning, it’s not changing.



People go apeshit crazy for a massage because it relaxes your nerves and make you feel like you’re in heaven.

But they are pretty useful for your facial structure too. Facial massages, that is.

For one, it’s a good way to get blood circulation running.

And two, it helps your skin become tighter. So bye, bye face fats. I will miss you… not.

Just take a few minutes to rub your fingers on your face in circular motions (like how you apply facial cream). Rub your chin, jaw, temples and cheeks for a bit to get that rejuvenating vibe.

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You can also use ice cubes to relax the facial nerves too.

Why so salty?

If you weren’t aware, consuming too much sodium not only affects the skin adversely, but could also cause bloating of your face.

Yeah, it’s similar to how the stomach could bloat to resemble pregnancy in its last trimester. For your face, it would just look like a giant meat bun.


I don’t need to tell you what to do, right?

Problematic foods that are skyscraper-high in sodium include fried food, salted snacks, junk food and your favourite INSTANT noodles. So if you want that sharp jawline, you might want to steer away from them.

Not saying that you have to altogether give up on it lah. That’s what a cheat day is for, right? 😉

Facelift tape

If you absolutely refuse to exercise (do facial exercises even count?) and are horrified at the very notion of skipping out on sodium, well you could always go for the easy way out.

Facelift tape.

I swear, this shit’s a godsend.

Downside? It doesn’t last for long.

But just look at the differences before and after a facetape lift. Holy mama.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Plastic surgery

And finally, we reach the tried-and-tested method that has satisfied and fulfilled the wishes and dreams of millions of people worldwide.

Plastic surgery.

Do note that in order to go through plastic surgery, you need some basic equipment.

Cash is one. Bring loads of it.

Bravery is another. You’re going to be operated on after all. There’s a 0.1 percent that you might die.

Judgement. Can you imagine the consequences if the surgeon turns out to be a quack and makes your jawline even worse? Choose your doctor wisely.

If you have all of these, well you’re pretty prepared.


Go get that facelift, atta girl.

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