5 Valid Reasons Why People Grow Fat Immediately After Being Attached

Disclaimer: First thing first, we still love our girlfriends / wives and won’t give them up for anything in the world. This article is extremely subjective and not meant to be taken as a representation of all women in Singapore. If you feel that you will be seriously offended by this article, we’ll best advise you to click the ‘back’ button now.

Have you ever seen your friend, who used to be so fit and skinny, suddenly grew bigger in size after getting together with his girlfriend? And no, when we say bigger, we don’t mean in the muscles department, we’re talking about him getting fatter. I’m pretty sure most of us has experienced that at least once or twice in our lives.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why this phenomenon is taking place? Well, if you have, let us try to clear this mystery up for you the only way we know how, by getting someone who has been through this to give his version of the story.

Here are 5 reasons why people grow fat after being in a relationship.

You’re off the shelf
Okay, one thing is complacency. Let’s be honest here, most of us wants to look good when we were younger because we wanted to pick up more girls, right? (At least that’s how it was for me.) Well, getting into a relationship, you decided that you’re officially off the shelf so there’s no point in working so hard to maintain your figure anymore.

Yes, we know guys often complain that their women do not maintain their beauty after getting together with them. The only excuse we have is, well, we’re hypocrites, simple as that.

No time to exercise
This may sound like an excuse, but it’s legit! Serious. We just want to spend more time with our girlfriends, especially for those who are still in the honeymoon period of their relationship. So rather than spending hours in the gym or at the stadium, we’d meet our girlfriend for movies, dinner or window shopping, sometimes real shopping if you’re unfortunate enough.

Of course, if you get a girlfriend who’s shares the same health interest as you, you’d realize that instead of getting a partner who indirectly stops you from exercising, you’ll get a workout partner instead!

Eating out
In Singapore, given the food culture we have here, one of the most common theme for dates is, of course, hunting for good food. So imagine the repercussions of eating good food once or twice every week, sometimes even more if you meet her during the weekdays as well. In fact, I’m surprised…surprised that you only grew this much in size after getting into a relationship.

Daily routines changed
You might be an active guy, but got a lazy girlfriend who refuses to move no matter how you prod and push. In order to accompany her, you’d take a short bus ride instead of walking like you usually do, and take the lift when the escalator is working perfectly fine.

Long walks in the parks around Singapore is a big no-no because it’ll get her all sweaty, which she really, really dislikes. So there you are, enjoying the comforts of public transport, lifts and shopping malls and growing horizontally as well.

Comfort level
When you get together with someone, provided the relationship is strong, you’d come to realize that something as trivial as image doesn’t have to be maintained in a relationship. You’ve farted and burped in front of each other, what more a few pounds of fat, right?

Because when you get together, it’s no longer about the external – which is looks – but internally, the personality, quirks and everything that makes you so, well, you.

And these are 5 reasons why I grew fat after getting into a relationship. What about you?

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