5 Ways to Cool a Room Without Air-Conditioning ‘Coz Electricity Bills Are Rising

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Let’s face it: air-conditioning is expensive. Take a look at your bill and you’ll realize a bulk of them comes from keeping your room cool (and keeping your temper cool, too).

Turning it on 24/7 is like a dream come true for everyone, but you won’t want to be on loggerhead with your wallet for that comfort.

So here are five ways to keep yourself cool without air-conditioning – not that they’ll work like an air-conditioner, but at least, it’ll make you feel better.

And your wallet will thank you for that.

Switch off heat inducing appliances

When you are in an enclosed room, things such as television, computer, phones and whatnot do make you feel hotter, since they produce heat.

Instead of letting them run in the background and generate heat, switch off the device and let your room breathe. You will be amazed at the difference it makes, especially in a poorly circulated room.

Make your own air conditioning

Get a plate of ice (or cold water) and stick it right in front the direction the fan is blowing. With a little bit of tweaking, you can have a makeshift air condition. The fan will blow the cool mist into the room, making it feel much cooler than before.

Read more about this hack here.


Consider investing in Anti-UV curtains or those heavy thick curtains that can block out sunlight. The strong sun in Singapore can heat up the room, especially in the afternoon.

Hence, it is better to prevent the sun from getting into your room in the first place. Your windows will still be extremely hot to touch and probably your curtains too, but at least your room won’t be as hot as before. This is extremely important if your windows are south or west facing.

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Wet towel

This is a continuation of the previous point. If you have no choice but to leave your windows or blinds open for whatever reason, consider hanging a wet towel in front of the window. Any breeze coming in will be chilled and cooled by the wet towel.

For best results, stick a wet towel in the freezer first. Remember to lay it flat on the refrigerator floor. This will give you an “ice towel” that will take a while to defrost. It will be much better than just a wet towel as it will get hot fast due to the weather in Singapore.

Hot air rises

Cold air sinks. So get yourself a cushion and do your things on the floor. If you have a ceramic or marble tiled floor, it will be reasonably cooler to do things on the floor than at a desk.

Now, hopefully these suggestions will work for you. If not, you can consider purchasing a solar powered fan cap.

Or do it the traditional way: buy five fans and let them run on maximum speed.

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