5 Ways to Keep Cockroaches Out from Your Car So You Won’t Panic When You See One


Last Updated on 2020-11-17 , 10:49 pm

Pretty long ago, there was a car accident at Jurong East. And it was no typical accident: the accident was caused by a cockroach.

Basically, the sight of a cockroach caused the driver to lose control of her car.

Although the driver did sustain minor injuries, let’s be glad that the car did not hit any pedestrians.

I can never understand why people are afraid of cockroaches though. To me, all creepy crawlies are adorable—and delicious.

Uhh anyway, I’m not here to talk edible bugs. Here are five things you can do to keep cockroaches out of your car so you won’t crash it.

1) Don’t eat in your car

Look, this may appear obvious to some of you, but I’m surprised by the number of people who have no idea that this will attract cockroaches.


“But I never drop any food leh!” is probably the most common excuse you’ll hear.

B*tch, please. Even crumbs of bread attract cockroaches. The moment you remove the bread from the packaging, something’s gonna drop onto the seats.

Image: Wisanu_nuu / shutterstock.com

You wouldn’t want your seat to become a breeding ground for roaches, eh?

2) Clean your car often

Look, there’s only one reason why cockroaches live in your car, and no, they are not there for the aircon or music.

They are there for the food (well, duh).

Remove the food source and cockroaches will most likely disperse. According to cockroach Xiao Qiang, he mentioned that “if there’s no food, then I stay in there for what?”

Throw away everything you don’t need in your car (boxes, cups, containers) unless you want to provide the roaches with free Airbnb!

Clean every nook and cranny and be sure to remove all food crumbs if you are someone who eats in your car.

3) Cockroach traps

Trust me on this. If you see one cockroach in your car, there’s probably an entire nest of them hiding in your car, especially if you eat regularly there.

Once again, Xiao Qiang once told us this: “We’ll live there forever as long as there’s food.”

Do yourself a favour and grab a cockroach trap. The most common type, I believe, is the adhesive trap. Leave it in the trunk of your car or below the seats and let it work its magic overnight.

You’ll be surprised at how effective it is! With the cockroaches now gone, just remember to keep your car clean.

However, do be prepared to find some cockroach corpses, as they’ll die a slow death instead of dying at the trap.

4) Insecticide/bug bombs

I don’t think we can get bug bombs in Singapore though, so let’s just stick with insecticide. Just buy a bottle of insecticide at your closest NTUC and spray the interior of your car. Spray under the seats, inside the trunk and every corner you can possibly reach.


After that, close the doors and windows of your car and let the chemicals do the magic. And please don’t do this before heading out in your car. A bottle of insecticide might not be enough to kill you, but poison is still poison!

The last thing we need is a car accident caused by the intoxication of insecticide.

5) Avoid parking near dumpsters or drains

The best way to prevent cockroaches from spawning inside your car would be to avoid going to places full of them.

Heck, your car’s going to be like a mobile food van to the cockroaches. They are going to infiltrate your car when you’re gone and the next thing you know (or don’t know), your car is home to a dozen cockroaches.

Xiao Qiang said, “Once, we’re sleeping in the drains when we spot a car. We went in that it was heaven! It has been our house since 2000.”


Looking on the bright side, at least cockroaches won’t try to bite you when you are not noticing. However, it’s still a good idea to get rid of them due to health concerns.


That being said, if you think you’re someone who will crash your car due to a cockroach, please clean out your car!

Featured Image: gan chaonan / Shutterstock.com

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