Woman Crashed Car in Jurong East ‘Coz of a Cockroach in the Car


It was a tough decision to take up this topic.

For one, cockroaches have been a long-term resident on the top spot of my ‘hate’ list.

Second, my editor loves insects. I thought he would have fun writing about it.

But then again, he would have steered the topic towards how precious they are.

*hears editor opening the packet of crickets he snacks on*

So I’m here to do justice, for the majority of our friends here on the Internet.

(Editor’s note: They are delicious, you know)

Image: Tumblr

According to The Straits Times, the sight of a cockroach caused a 61-year-old woman to lose control of her car.

This happened last Friday (Jan 26) at Jurong East Central at around 7.30am.

The woman then crashed into an overhead bridge.

Image: Straits Times

As seen in the picture above, the red Mazda is mounted on the pavement.


The front bumper is also heavily damaged, after hitting the railing at the bottom of the overhead bridge.

She was driving towards Science Centre when she saw the cockroach and got a shock.

She then swerved into the overhead bridge while she lost control of the car.

Investigations are ongoing.


Thankfully the woman is alright!

If it was me I most probably would have fainted there and then.

But…did anyone catch the cockroach eventually?

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Featured image: Straits Times