5566’s Tony Sun Claimed They Were Once Invited to Apply for S’pore Citizenship by ‘Prime Minister’s Wife’

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Before 5566 became a 4D number in Singaporeans’ eyes, they were the hottest Taiwanese boy band.

But do you know what else they could’ve been?


Singapore is a favourite place for celebrities to settle down in, or even to set up a second home.

Some big names include Vivian Hsu who adores the wet markets here

Jet Li who gave up his American citizenship in 2009 for a Singapore citizenship

Gong Li who recently entered the top 100 most beautiful Asian faces with Quan Yi Fong’s daughter, Eleanor

And more.

But apparently, in the case of 5566, they didn’t think of becoming Singapore citizens.

They were allegedly asked by a prime minister wife.

5566’s Tony Sun Claimed They Were Once Invited to Apply for S’pore Citizen by ‘Prime Minister’s Wife’

36 Questions is a variety show where guests chat with hosts Aaron Yan, Sandy Wu and Jesse Tang on a wide variety of topics.

5566’s Tony Sun and Zax Wang appeared on one such episode and let slipped something astonishing.

When talking about their heyday due to their drama, MVP Valentine, Sun recalled an incident where he and his group were in Singapore to perform at a charity show and National Day.

He claimed that on that trip, the wife of Singapore’s prime minister had strongly suggested that the group apply for a Singapore citizenship.

They had dismissed the idea because there were “too many factors to consider”.

According to 8Days, the time where 5566 was in town to perform at a pre-National Day concert was in 2004.


While no names were specified, Mr Goh Chok Tong was the prime minister until 12 Aug 2004.

But of course, it should be noted that Taiwanese variety shows tend to be slightly exaggerated so no one knows whether it’s true or not.

Nevertheless, the fact that this popular boyband could’ve lived in an HDB block is interesting, no?

Regretted Being A Celebrity

The show also asked the pair if they have ever regretted becoming a celebrity.

In the case of Zax Wang, he had almost wanted to give up showbiz after struggling in the entertainment business for many years.

In fact, if not for 5566, he could’ve been the owner of Renfu Telecommunications.


However, now, he realises how it’s a blessing to be where he is now.

By the way, did you know that despite being married, and living together, for 17 years, Wang and his wife are still as loving as ever?

On the other side of the coin is Tony Sun.

He dislikes how every part of his life, both personal and public, is now under scrutiny by members of the public.

However, being a firm believer in making the best of what he’s got, Sun says he’ll give “good performances” until the end.


For more facts about 5566, you might want to read this article here.

Featured Image: China Post