6 Best Places to Buy a Unique Christmas Gifts in S’pore for Less than $10

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Christmas is around the corner, and if you haven’t get your pay nor buy a Christmas gift for your loved ones, here’s a list of Unique Christmas Gifts which you can get in Singapore for under $10!

1. Japan Home

If you’re going to get a gift for your mum or grandma, here’s a suggestion: Japan Home! They are selling various kitchenware ranging from Glass Tea Pot to Stainless Steel Steamer Pot. The price ranges from $3.90 TO $9.90.  Well, it is cheap and good for everyday use!

You can check it out online here: Japan Home


If you’re an artsy crafty person and want to get a gift for a friend, the best place is MUJI. You can buy a Sketch Book or Tote Bag for under $10. The best part? You can customise it to your own preference before giving it to a friend!

You can check it out online here: MUJI


The Always $2 is also a good place to purchase gifts for all type of people as they have a wide range of goods. You can get the various gifts suitable for everyone from children to adults!

You can check it out online here: DAISO


IKEA, too, have various trendy products waiting for purchase. With plush toys for the children and those young at heart with price starting from $5.90 to various plates and bowl for the hostess or parents at home!

You can check it out online here: IKEA

5. Mini Toons

I’m sure most of you grew up with Mini Toons, such as after school and dropping by this shop to look at their products. And in this very shop itself, they sell a lot of items which is $10 or under. This includes photo frames to store your memories with your loved ones!

You can check it out online here: Mini Toons

6. NTUC FairPrice

A supermarket? YES. You can go to the supermarket and purchase cheap snacks and drinks which cost as low as $1 and create a mini hamper or surprise box for your loved ones! Who would’ve thought that we can actually purchase a gift from a supermarket itself?

You can check it out online here: NTUC FairPrice

With these cheap and creative ideas done, I am sure you will have fun saving up as well as shopping for your friends and family. Definitely worth it!

Featured Image: groupon.sg

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