6 Bubble Tea Products in S’pore That Aren’t Drinks For The Bubble Tea Siao


The Bubble Tea fad has been here for some time and by the looks of it, it’s definitely here to stay.

But how much do you know about bubble teas? As per any bubble-tea-related article, we’ve to plug our YouTube video show you this video before moving on:

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Now, what if you should decide to have a glass of water instead of your favourite Boba drink, but still want a taste of the frothy, creamy and delectable goodness?

Here’s a Goody Feed PSA on six Bubble Tea items that aren’t bubble tea, but will sure deliver the same kind of mouth-feel you crave.

Bubble Tea Hotpot/Spice World Hot Pot (香天下火锅)

Located at Clarke Quay, Spice World Hot Pot serves up a sweet Bubble Tea Hotpot (S$32.90) which is a sweet soup base, alongside their mala hotpot.

Image: Spice World Hot Pot 香天下火锅 Facebook Page

The Bubble Tea Hotpot’s based is made of Assam milk tea and is topped up with a layer of milk foam (something like nai gai) .

Special toppings such as mango popping pearls, coffee powder, mala bak kwa, nata de coco and Oreo cookies are available.

Image: Instagram/p.s.mabel

Bubble Tea Popcorn/PopSmile

Hailing from the land of Bubble Tea itself, Taiwan, PopSmile’s Bubble Tea Flavor Popcorn(S$3.50) combines the best of popcorn’s crunchy world with bubble tea’s silky-smooth taste.

Image: RedMart

In paying the ultimate homage to bubble tea, the popcorn comes with a lighter-coloured popcorn representing milk tea and a dark-coloured one representing pearls.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Atrium Sale)

They are available on RedMart and Fairprice at $3.50 per pop(corn).


Pearl Milk Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream/TP TEA

The Pearl Milk Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream is the brainchild of TP Tea which has over 300 stores worldwide.


It retails at $3.90 and even comes with true-black legit pearls.

TP Tea has two outlets in Singapore; one at Suntec City and the other at Changi Airport Terminal 2, where it is opened 24/7.

Oh, and have I mentioned, TP Tea is Halal-certified.

Bubble Tea Toast Series/BreadTalk

BreadTalk, the purveyor of all things doughy-good in Singapore has come up with a tribute to Bubble Tea.

Their Earl Grey Bubble Tea Toast (伯爵珍珠土司) comes with an earl grey tea-infused cream filling with pearls in every bite.

Image: Mothership

There’s a Chocolate Malt Bubble Tea Toast (巧克力珍珠土司) too, similarly priced at $2.90 each, or $5 for 2.

Their Earl Grey Bubble Tea Roll (伯爵珍奶卷) rolled into town too with a similar filling to the Bubble Tea Toast.

Instead of toast thought, pearls and earl gray-filling alike, are bound up in good ol’ Swiss Roll goodness.

Image: Mothership

The Earl Grey Bubble Tea Toast is available only at the following outlets:

  • BreadTalk IHQ
  • Chinatown Point
  • CityLink Mall
  • ION Orchard
  • Novena Square
  • Toa Payoh HDB Hub

On the other hand, the Earl Grey Bubble Tea Roll is available at all BreadTalk outlets except for Singapore Cruise Centre and United Square.

Bubble Tea Tart/Edith Patisserie

Located along North Bridge Road, Edith Patisserie is a “homestyle bakery helmed by a small team of dedicated bakers”.

Chief among its wonderful creation is the Bubble Tea Tart which is a made with a almond pasty base, piped with black tea cream and topped off with homemade jet-black tapioca pearls.

8 Days says it’s something “we’d willingly eat.”

I’m inclined to agree.

Image: 8 Days/Edith Patisserie

Brown Sugar Bubble Tea-flavoured Candy/Puccho

I’m not saying Puchho’s a Hi-Chew ripoff, but they look and taste rather similar no?


That said, emulation is the best form of flattery, and their Brown Sugar Bubble Tea-flavoured Candy clearly pays tribute to the awesomeness that is Bubble Tea.

Image: 7-Eleven Singapore

Each gummy packs a authentic milk tea note with a slightly chewier centre resembling pearls.

The candy is available for retail at selected 7-11 stores for just $2.

Now, are you thirsty for some bubble tea, or hungry for it instead?