6 Facts About Protruding Nose Hair, An Embarrassing Issue That Men Above 30 Face

Whether you’re a man or woman, you’ll have to admit to this: once a while, you’ll see a strand of hair protruding from your nose. It’s so long that you could almost lick it.

Okay, the licking part maybe a little exaggerated, but that strand of nose hair isn’t. When no one is around, you’ll tend to play with that single strand. What do you usually do? Pull it out and scream? Cut it? Leave it as it is? Or simply “slot” it back to where it belongs?

Not many people know anything about nose hair, so we thought we’ll provide you with six facts about this weird strand of hair!

We have many strands of nose hair in our nose
Yeah, we know you don’t feel it when you dig your nose, but there apparently are. They’re there to filter foreign particles (think of air filters in cars) and to collect moisture. So don’t freak out when you look deep into the mirror and find a hairy nose.

The nose hair is the first hair to turn grey
You want to know whether you’re going to have white hair soon? Well, look no further than your nose. Studies have shown that the nose hair is the first hair that turns grey, followed by your head hair, beard, chest hair and eventually eyebrow.

Older men usually get that strand of stray nose hair
By the time men hit 30, they’ll start to notice that more strands of nose hair begin to protrude out from their nose. Fret not; it’s merely hormonal changes in you. You might already be losing hair somewhere else, so just take it that when a door closes, another opens. Logical, right?

Having more nose hair can be advantageous
Studies have proven that having more nose hair would mean that you’re three times less to suffer from asthma, presumably from the greater filtering of particles. Now, finally, we’re talking about some functionality for hair!

Never try to pluck out a strand of nose hair
When one strand of hair decides to grow too long and protrudes out of your nose, never ever try to pull it out. You’ll tear something in your nose, and since there’s not much protection within your nose, let’s just say that infection will occur. And also, it’s very, very painful. VERY.

Trim your strand of stray nose hair with special devices
These are scissors that have rounded tip design meant for trimming hair in sensitive places. You can find them in any department store. Trimming with a normal pair of scissors is not recommended due to the awkward position of the blades.

If you have a higher budget, go for special devices that specifically trim stray nose hair. These electric devices are usually sold together with electric shavers.

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