6 Games S’poreans Used to Play Before Smartphone Games Took Over

Before talking about those retro games, let’s look at the games children play nowadays first: Angry Birds. Flappy Bird. Candy Crush.

These games come and go, and parents have to constantly download new games for their kids.

But a long, long time ago, in an area not far from your house, there lived children who played these games every single day—not only because they were fun, but because everyone else was playing. Have you tried them before?

Old Maid


If you’ve watched Running Man, you’ll know how fun it is: basically, you’re trying to get rid of a card known as “Old Maid” by letting other players select one of your cards in your hand. If you have a pair of similar card, you can discard it. Whoever is left with the Old Maid loses.

Sounds simple and easy? No, Bro, no. That is how we learn how to read people’s mind with a stare.



It’s not a Japanese porn star’s name, for God’s sake. It’s a card game whereby you…arh, forget it. Teaching a person how to play Uno isn’t as easy as teaching a person how to play Flappy Bird.

Either you know it, or you don’t. And if you don’t, don’t bother to learn: while it used to be played in every chalet, it now can’t even be found easily in any shops. Maybe you should download it instead. There’s an app for it, right?

Five stones


You throw small bags filled with sand and try to catch them in a specific manner. Sounds boring? Not so when there’re a few people around you, laughing at you or cheering for you. And it’s the closest thing to a videogame: There are stages. Really.

Pickup Sticks


They used to be in every toy store! The rules are simple: drop a number of sticks on the floor and try to pick up one without touching or moving other sticks. You know why old bird like me can type faster than a youngster now: last time hor, I expert in picking sticks with pinpoint accuracy one leh.

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Mastermind / Battleship


I find it hard to explain with words. But then again, there’s an app for it. The only difference is that you’re playing with a computer instead of playing with a person.

Western Bar


There are apparently many standalone handheld games, but this one takes the cake. Just look at the image and imagine. It’s the great grandfather of iPhone, and guess what? It’s by Casio. And it’s portable. Last time hor, anything portable hor is goody one leh.

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