9 in 10 S’poreans Will Receive the $600 Cash Payout in Their Bank Account on Tues (14 Apr)

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The coffeeshop talk before the Circuit Breaker had often been this:

“Ah Gong is giving money but until now I can’t even see a single cent!”

Fortunately, you’d be seeing the money in two days’ time, but unfortunately, you can’t have any coffeeshop talk anymore.

Because the Ministry of Finance has just said that 9 out of 10 Singaporeans would be receiving the first $600 on Tuesday (14 April 2020).

9 in 10 S’poreans Will Receive the $600 Cash Payout in Their Bank Account on Tues (14 Apr)

In case you’ve forgotten because you’ve been stuck in your house for 61 days—

Reader Bao: 6 days

Right, 6 days now, you’d be receiving some money from Ah Gong to tide over this trying period, no matter what your income is.

Even if you’ve many commas in your bank account and live in Sentosa, you’d still receive a minimum of $600.

Here’s a handy chart to show how much each Singaporean is getting:

Image: Facebook (Ministry of Finance (Singapore))

So the first payment of $600, which is given to all Singaporeans, will occur 48 hours from now.

The second payment would come in on June, and for that, the wealthier people won’t get a single cent.

But why only 9 out of 10 Singaporean leh?

Because not everyone has provided their bank account details to the Government. That 1 out of 10 Singaporean are those who hasn’t told Ah Gong what bank account to bank in.

If you’re wondering if you’re the 9 or the 1, simple: have you ever received any cash from Ah Gong before via your bank account? If you have, you’re the 9. If not, you’re probably the 1, and you must be a young fellow who’s just turned 21 years old.

But what if you’re that 1?

No worries, you can still receive your $600 by 28 April 2020 by submitting your bank account details here before 23 April 2020. Do note that you’d need to log in to SingPass for that.


If you still don’t do that, you’d receive a cheque to your NRIC-registered address instead from 30 April 2020.

Ah Gong’s going all out to give out money, indeed.

PRs & Long-Term Visit Pass-Plus Holders Will Also Get Some Cash

For the first time ever, Ah Gong’s giving cash to PRs and Long-Term Visit Pass-Plus.

Reader Bao: Wait, what is Long-Term Visit Pass-Plus?

Long-Term Visit Pass-Plus, commonly known as LTVP+, are basically foreign spouses of a Singaporean and have yet to get any PR or citizenship.

This is because they “currently do not benefit from the cash payouts under the Care and Support Package, but are supporting the family in different ways, through this difficult period.”


PRs who are above 21 years old who have a Singaporean parent, spouse or child will get a one-time $300 cash payout. They can sign up for the payout at here before 10 May 2020 and will receive the cash by 19 May 2020.

The amount is the same for LTVP+ holders, but they won’t need to do anything and will receive a cheque from end of May onwards.

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