Solidarity Budget: Adult S’poreans To Get Cash Payout Of $600 As Early As 14 Apr 2020

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At 2pm, DPM Heng Swee Keat took to the stand in parliament to announce details for the Solidarity Budget.

The support package, he clarifies, are enhanced measures meant to supplement the Resilience Package he announced previously on 26 Mar 2020.

I know what you’re thinking when he announced that he’ll come up with a new support package.

By the time the money comes, we’d probably have died.

Image: quickmeme

Apparently, not this time.

DPM Heng says he understands that with the government’s sudden circuit breaker, almost all firms and employees across the entire country are affected, which is why he’s now working together with his ministry to dispense financial help as fast as possible.

How fast? As fast as next week.

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Singaporeans Will Get $600 As Early As 14 Apr 2020

Initially, Singaporeans are supposed to get their one-off cash payout at a later date.

However, he has brought it forward to Apr 2020.

Adult Singaporeans will get a one-off payment of $600 in two different phases.

For those who have registered their bank account details with the government, they’ll receive $600 in their bank account by 14 Apr 2020.

However, for those who did not register their bank account details with the government, you’ll have to wait for them to send the cheques, which will start on 30 Apr 2020.

The payout consists of the original $300 previously announced in the Care and Support Package, and a $300 top-up by the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

The Remaining Amount To Be Dispensed In June 2020

If you remember, the Care and Support Package gives Singaporeans a one-off cash payout of $100 to $300.

It was then tripled in the Resilience Budget, so Singaporeans are supposed to get $300 to $900.


For those who are eligible for a $600 or $900 payout, you will get your remaining $300 or $600 payout in June 2020.

Image: Facebook (CNA)

In addition, parents with at least one child below 20 years old will get $300 each while Singaporeans aged 50 and above will get a $100 PAssion Card top-up in cash.

They’ll get the payout in June 2020 as well.

Donate If You Don’t Need It

In his speech, DPM Heng also said that people have written in to him, saying that they do not require the payout and ask for it to be given to others who need it more.

While thankful, he will still be dispensing the money.


However, he emphasised, should you really not need the money, you can donate it to or to the Community Chest.

Or, he suggests, you can share it with the people around you.

For People Who Need More Help

You can go to your nearest community centre to apply for the Temporary Relief Fund, which will dispense a one-off $500 cash injection to people who are adversely affected by Covid-19.

In order to be eligible, you must not be on ComCare Assist and is able to furnish proof that your income has dropped by at least 30%.

Your household must also not have an income exceeding $10,000 or $3,100 per capita before Covid-19 happened.


You can find out more here.

As the name suggests, the fund is only a temporary measure.

The Covid-19 Support Grant will also be available from May 2020 for people who lost their jobs due to Covid-19.

You can find out more here.

Singaporeans who are emotionally troubled and stressed out call the 24-hour National Care hotline for emotional support.

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