60yo Auntie Drives Grab To Support Husband With Cancer & Disabled Child

Image: Facebook (Fedtri Yahya)

We all have our childhood heroes. Well, most of us.

Some want to be like Fandi Ahmad, some want to be like their teacher.

And some are content to be your boy/girl/uncle/auntie next door.

Which is fine, as long as we make a living for ourselves and occupy our time well.

Mak Cik Works as a Grab Driver to Support Her Disabled Family

Enter Puan Misnah, a 60-year old mak cik from Labuan, Malaysia. She is just like any other mak cik her age, just more garang and a bit of a superhero.

Why do I say so?

Her husband is down with cancer, and her eldest child has mental disabilities.

And mak cik Misnah works as a Grab driver despite her senior age. She chiongs it to make a living for her family, who are totally dependent on her for a living.

Image: Facebook (Fedtri Yahya)

In other words, the sole breadwinner.

Image: Facebook (Fedtri Yahya)

Mak Cik Misnah’s story made the rounds after TV personality Fedtri Yahya took her Grab to do some work in Labuan. Fedtri commented on Puan’s politeness as they chatted.

Fedtri was impressed and touched by her and shared his comments here.

A Little Tip to Change Someone’s Life

Although you may not be in Malaysia often, if you happen to see Puan Misnah, please do support her by paying a little more (hint: tip).

The reason why bubble tea is addictive is due to a secret ingredient. Watch what it is here: (Also remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

Talk to her about the weather or life in Malaysia in general and see if you don’t learn a thing or two.

She is, after all, our mak cik.