62YO Man Fetches 28YO Bride In Fleet Of Rolls-Royce Cars For Their Wedding


Marriage, to some people, is a pledge of love and a commitment.

Others, however, see it as just a piece of paper – kinda like my degree certificate.

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A marriage in China recently also proved that age is just a number. More so if you have the moolah.

A 34-year Age Gap

Recently, a wedding ceremony in China caught netizens’ attention when the photos from the occasion were circulated on Weibo.

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In the photos, the woman looked blissful in a traditional Chinese dress. She can also be seen holding the groom’s hand.

These are scenes you can expect at a wedding. You know, happy bride and lots of hand-holding.

One fact that wasn’t quite as obvious from the photos alone was their 34 years age gap. This was only revealed when a photo of their wedding certificate was shared online.

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But who cares about age gaps right? Today, literally anyone can marry anyone.

If you want to marry a tree (hey, it has happened before), a robot or anything in between, be my guest.

Also, the couple definitely looks genuinely happy.

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So no, it wasn’t the age gap that was the centre point of this wedding. It was the Black Rolls-Royce. A whole fleet of it.

Black Rolls-Royce Caught Netizens’ Attention

Instead of focusing on the newlywed, many netizens diverted their attention onto the row of black Rolls-Royce cars that were parked outside the wedding ceremony venue.

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And as expected, many had started posting comments such as:

“When I saw those cars, I finally believe in love once again”, and

“After a few years, the wife will be a rich woman.”, and

“She married the money instead of the man”.

I’m, once again, convinced that people can be really shallow.

The couple looks happy, so just leave them alone. It’s unbecoming to jump to conclusions.

I asked my editor what she thought, and she told me that every partner offers different qualities:

Some know how to whip up a delicious meal or put down the toilet seat after they’re done. Others just have a fleet of black Rolls-Royce cars in case one gets bird poop on it.

Whatever it is, Goody Feed wishes the newlywed a beautiful and happy marriage!


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