7 Best Hacks to Occupy Yourself on the Train if You Have no Data Left

You’re idly swiping through your feed while taking the train home when a notification pops up; your data has hit your limit for the month. That’s the end of your online adventures as you have no choice but to turn your data off or you’ll end up with a crazy phone bill. Your train ride has never looked less mundane or endless. Now you won’t have to worry about that, with our hacks.

1. Download songs off your cloud

Many popular music streaming apps allow you to download songs into your phone. Spotify is a particular app that enables you to store songs on your phone even when you have no internet connection, though you’ll need to pay for a premium account.

2. Play offline games

2048 and Flappy Bird were legends of their time and seem almost like myths now. Regardless of how you viewed them, there are plenty of entertaining games in the Play Store or the App Store that can keep you occupied that doesn’t require a lot of data!

Puzzle games, strategy games, or racing games; all these can keep you preoccupied while you embark on your journey, and some can train your brain too!

3. Read an eBook

There may not be much space to read a physical book, you can always count on a soft copy to provide all that you need. After all, isn’t everything digitalised these days? You can find free online books simply by searching on Google, or you can purchase some of your favourite titles from your phone’s application store.

4. Use Pocket Hits to read articles offline

Ever came across an article you wanted to finish reading but didn’t have the time? With your data sapped, you may feel even more helpless, but with applications like Pocket, you can always tuck that elusive article into your virtual bookshelf. Pocket Hits also suggests a few interesting articles of its own, so you will never run out of stuff dig into.

5. Download movies

A television or cartoon series would be a great companion on your long train rides as well. Apps that can download movies and videos are available on the Play Store, or you can find them on iTunes. Just watch out for the gigabytes the huge files will eat; iPhone users might have to give this a pass if they’re already low on storage, sorry!

Else, you can also add these videos into your phones via the VLC app so that you have something to keep you occupied during the train rides! 

6. People watching

Ah, there’s nothing better than being in the perfect position to stare at people without looking suspicious. When everyone is crammed into a tiny carriage, there’s little elbow room for even the faintest turn of your head.

You can sometimes spot quirky hairstyles, ragged elderly trying to kick up a fuss, or maybe even a cute guy or girl stuck in the same state at you. It’s not called ‘stalking’ at all.

7. Peeping at people’s phones

Too lazy to make any preparations for your data disaster? You can always get sneaky and eye someone else’s phone. You’re lucky if you see someone watching the exact show you want, or maybe he or she happens to be viewing some silly Youtube video.

Be careful not to make a sound or any elaborate moves though; you don’t want to be called out as a stalker, pfft.

Maybe our trains will get Wi-Fi so we can surf on the the go but in the meantime, we’ll settle for trains that don’t break down.

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