7 Coolest Vending Machines in S’pore Including Chilli Crab, Gold & Flowers

Gone are the days when a quick trip to the vending machine with a one-dollar coin in your pocket will get you a drink.

These days, a quick trip to a quirky vending machine with, well, a lot more money will get you anything and everything from instant food to books, salads and cars… Maybe even a partner next time, aye?

Personally, my favorite kind of vending machines are those with snacks but damn, do they get stuck 2 out of 3 times. Home girl just wants some Oreo… 

Every purchase is a gamble and requires careful examination of the machine.

My unpleasant experience with vending machines probably attributed to the reason why I have trust issues till date.

To all the boys I loved: I’m sorry, it’s not you. It’s not me either. It’s the trashy vending machine.

Just like celebrities not to be named, our local vending machines has had their fair share of glow up too.

Read on to find out what jewels now lie hidden in a modern day treasure chest vending machine.

1. Chilli Crab Spaghetti

Image: krnrd

I’m sorry, say what?

No Signboard Seafood – the brains behind this amazing idea – need no introduction.

Having been around for 38 years, the Seafood Restaurant Chain is well-known among locals and foreigners alike for providing quality seafood dishes. Apart from seafood, the Chain sells other a variety of ready-to-eat meals from Hokkien Mee to Fried Rice.

According to Reddit user, Krnrd, one packet of pasta will set you back about S$6 to S$9.

Image: krnrd

Looks like their expertise lies in seafood dishes.

2. Chilli Crab

Image: House Of Seafood Facebook Page

Located at their outlet in Punggol Settlement, House of Seafood offers time-starved customers the option of purchasing 1kg worth of steamy hot (or frozen) crab in 3 tantalizing flavors – Chili, Salted Egg and Black Pepper.

Image: House Of Seafood Facebook Page

Here’s what you can get with S$60 and a waiting time of 5.5 minutes.

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Yes, $60. 

3. Norwegian Salmon

Image: PoloBoiBoi

Yishun is known for their unfortunate happenings but once in a while they take the world by storm. Wisteria Mall houses the “World’s first salmon ATM” as the local operator, Norwegian Salmon puts it.

Launched early this year in January, they have since infiltrated neighborhoods such as Clementi and Kovan with 14 more outlets till date.

For S$5.90, you’ll get a slab of salmon fillet that weighs 200g.

And of course it’s not cooked: you’ll have to cook it yourself, so it’s more for those night owls who decided to show off their cutlery skills at 2:00 a.m.

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4. Gold

You thought things couldn’t get anymore bizarre? Think again.


Gold ATMs (okay, it’s more of an ATM instead of a vending machine, but same same lah) have become a norm because…why not?

5. Books

Image: BooksActually

Most people would know about BooksActually: it’s a local bookstore popular for their aesthetically-pleasing interior. But they didn’t just sell books in their bookstores: they’ve got vending machines for books, too.

With 3 outlets located around Singapore (Tiong Bahru, National Museum and Singapore Visitor Center) getting your quick reading fix has never been easier.

The best part – some of their books are wrapped in paper for the added mystery, at just S$19!

6. Army necessities

No photo description available.
Image: ST Logistics

Attention all men and women in green uniform- your weekends just got longer thanks to ST Logistics.


Weekly travels to the eMart can be a waste of time, especially if you don’t live near any of the stores.

That’s why ST Logistics is here to turn your sorrow into joy with their thoughtful vending machine situated right outside White Sands Shopping Mall at Pasir Ris.

Now you can book in with ease even if you’re missing some zip-lock bags.

7. Dried Bouquets

Guys: Remember all the times when you were caught off guard and wound up having to pacify an angry girlfriend who lowkey or not, wanted some flowers?

Fret not, the kind people at Windflower Florist have heard your cries.

Image: wang_hx

These life-saving machines can be found in malls like Raffles City and Tanjong Pagar.

The bouquets come in 2 sizes – small (S$25) and medium (S$35).

Sure, it’s the thought that counts but we can’t say the same when your other half finds out it’s an “instant bouquet”. Fingers crossed.

Just don’t let her know about this article.

While some may be a hit or miss, I sure am excited for what’s to come of future vending machines.

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