7 Easy-To-Make Lunchboxes To Bring To The Office Especially If You’re A Broke Intern

Image: 5 second Studio / Shutterstock.com

Most of us who have attended Poly or Uni would have gone through a compulsory phase of school: the INTERNSHIP.

Or maybe JC students as well.

And with the rising living cost and stuff, it’s already hard enough for students because they can only afford to work part-time.

Then comes the internship, where our parents thought they’d stop giving us an allowance for that few months since we’ll be getting paid.

Or worse still, when you’re in Uni and you don’t even get any allowance. To make things worse, internships are so great yet so hateful because of the measly “pay”.

Think $300 per month for transport, food and basically everything.

So for all interns, (or even if you’re not) here are 7 easy-to-make lunchboxes to bring to the office to ensure that your scrimp-and-save plan works!

The Burger

Image: familyfreshmeals.com
Image: familyfreshmeals.com

Burgers are quick to make and convenient to eat and can make a very satisfying meal. You can get the burger buns and frozen patties from supermarkets, along with other ingredients you wish to such as ham, lettuce or eggs.

If you’re a health freak, consider replacing the buns with organic muffins and ingredients. Make yourself a side of fruits or salad consisting of cucumber and cherry tomatoes since they require no cooking.

Stuffed Bagels or burritos

Image: operationlunchbox.blogspot.com
Image: operationlunchbox.blogspot.com

Similar to the burger, you can get bagels or burritos wraps from supermarkets and simply cook the ingredients you’ll like to stuff in your bagel or wrap in the burrito.

Add some crackers and sliced apples in your lunchbox and you’re done.

The Veggies

Image: familyfreshmeals.com
Image: familyfreshmeals.com

If you’re on a diet, here’s a great lunchbox idea.

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Stir-fry some sliced zucchini along with spinach and mushrooms, adding a pinch of salt for extra taste. Add a few pieces of ham, fruit and cracker or fruit bars.

Shredded chicken salad

Image: familyfreshmeals.com
Image: familyfreshmeals.com

If you’ll like a clean diet, make some salad with veggies, tomatoes, beans and corn. You can either top it with shredded chicken or some chicken breasts. Add a side of fruits and nuts for a nutritious lunch box.

Nuggets and pasta

Image: nicolastockmann.wordpress.com
Image: nicolastockmann.wordpress.com

If you’re a fan of fried food, don’t miss this out. We know you don’t care about healthy salads or eating clean.

Cook some pasta along with a cream sauce, heat up nuggets and slice yourself some cucumbers and fruits. Easy to make and satisfying.

Broccoli with baked chicken

Image: pinterest.com
Image: pinterest.com

Boil broccoli while you bake chicken; either breast or thigh. You can add sauces and herbs of your liking for the chicken, or if you like flavorful chicken you can marinate them the night before. Cook rice if you need to.

Smoked salmon

Most offices have microwaves so don’t worry about the salmon. Slap on some sauce or herbs that you’ll like on the salmon before baking it.

Slice some avocado and berries to go along on the side or you can simply bake rice with salmon and cheese.