7-Eleven M’sia Now Selling Spicy Salted Egg Ice Cream & It’s Available Near City Square JB


We thought we knew everything there is to know about ice cream.

It can be milky, it can be sweet and it tastes great with fried chicken skin.

But now, 7-Eleven Malaysia came up with an ice cream that challenges all the boundaries of being ice cream.

It’s salted egg flavour and it’s spicy.

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Meet 7-Eleven M’sia Latest Ice Cream Flavour

Going with the theme of #EverythingAlsoSaltedEgg, 7-Eleven Malaysia shared this post on their Facebook page yesterday (5 July).


Costing RM2.50 (~SGD0.83), this ice cream is going to rock your world. Because not only is it salted egg flavour (and what can go wrong with salted egg?!), it’s also said to carry with it a tinge of spiciness.

Spicy…in an ice cream.

Tell me you’re not curious enough to try it out for yourself.

And You Can

So, only selected 7-Eleven outlets in Malaysia carry this particular ice cream, with the most number of outlets in KL.

But there are two 7-Eleven outlets in JB that sells this ice cream too.

One at the R&F area (which might not be very accessible to people without cars)

And one at Galleria @ Kotaraya, which *drumroll please* happens to be located just one street away from City Square.

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If you happen to be in Malaysia (somewhere further from Singapore), you can check out this list here to see which stores carry the ice cream.


People who’ve tried the ice cream confirmed that the ice cream has a tinge of spiciness.

Good for trying but I won’t buy again.


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In other words, go if you’re looking for a new experience but don’t expect anything mindblowing.

But if you’re too lazy to travel for salted egg ice cream, Singapore has its own as well.


Tom’s Palette

Having been around since 2005, Tom’s Palette was around before Udders and other popular ice cream parlours existed.

Image: Flickr

And they’re incredibly well-known for their Salted Egg Yolk ice cream.

If you love the real deal, Tom’s Palette might just be the place for you. The ice cream is grainy and full of flavour, much like the salted egg yolks that you’ll find in mooncakes.

Besides salted egg, the ice cream parlour also constantly come up with new and interesting flavours you can’t help but try.

Like the Chee Cheong Fun flavour, which sounds really weird, but was sold out within two days.


Location: 100 Beach Rd, #01-25, Singapore 189702

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