This Hidden Eatery At Woodlands Sells Fried Chicken Ice Cream & Fusion Pasta At Less Than $10


Last Updated on 2019-02-22 , 8:21 pm

We don’t often hear about sweet and savoury combinations.

But when we do, it most often shocks and confuses the hell out of the masses. (Rainbow cheese toast, anyone?!)

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Our team recently went on a food spree (aside from the Chinese New Year one) and found this really unique sweet and savoury combination that basically shook us to the core.

Presenting to you the Fried Chicken Caramel Ice Cream ($5.90)

Confused? You’re not the only one.

Created by the exemplary and whacky experimental chefs over at Tenderfresh Group’s new franchise, Tenderbest (Halal certified also sia), this dessert will make you wonder why the combination of fried chicken and ice cream were not a thing sooner.

Because it actually works really well.

Vanilla ice cream topped with fried chicken skin and drizzled with a hearty amount of caramel.

All of these ingredients come beautifully together to form a bevy of flavours that not only fills your sweet cravings, but also surprises you with the occasional salty crisp, courtesy of the wafer-thin-yet-super-crispy chicken skin.

Oh, and by the way, the caramel is made in-house and infused with chicken stock and spices.

The effect? You’re never bored when eating this dessert.

Delicious Food At Affordable Prices

This unique creation isn’t the only thing keeping Tenderbest going either, because they also serve Tenderfresh’s signature Spring Chicken ($18.50 for whole/$10.50 for half).

Please for the love of god, if you’re visiting Tenderfresh and must only try one thing, this will be it. Make sure to eat it fresh and don’t leave it for the last.

Tear off any part of the chicken and you’re greeted with a piping hot slab of meat that exudes the complex combination of herbs from their secret recipe.


Bite into it and you’ll be greeted with a seriously tasty and juicy experience. It’s not overly oily either, which is a definite plus for me.

I’m not sure what Tenderfresh has done for the chickens in their outlets, but if you’re looking to get some fried chicken that doesn’t tire you out, this definitely hits all the right spots.

They also serve a Crispy Skin Chicken Chop ($9.50) too, and as the name suggests, is really crispy.

Although the skin is crispy, the chicken isn’t dry and is pleasantly tender.


Put together, this is simply a formidable combination. Although not as popular as the fried chicken, I’d argue that this is still quite a capable contender for your choice of mains.

Not feeling like chicken? No worries, they have you covered with pastas too.

Pictured above is my personal favourite, the Laksa Prawn Spaghetti ($10.90).

The prawns are fresh and crunchy, and the thick sauce reminds me a little of claypot laksa.

My colleague, who likes less heavy pastas, prefers the Udang Kering Vongole ($9.90).


Although Tenderfresh is famous for their chicken, these pastas are no slouch either.

In fact, it’s not just their mains that have innovation splattered all over them.

Their Sides Are Pretty Impressive Too

Just check out this onion blossom ($6.90)


This is a must try for onion fans. Also, do eat this when it’s fresh, otherwise the onions tend to become soggy.

Another side worth mentioning are the Fries with Meat Sauce & Egg ($6.90).

The first time I’ve tried this, I seriously thought it was pizza due to the hearty meat sauce, which is really not a bad thing considering it’s a huge portion for only $6.90.

Want to wash it all down?

Their drinks are no slouch either.

Pictured on the left, we have the Coco Bandung ($4.50) and on the right, the Faked Birdnest ($2).

The Coco Bandung is essentially bandung infused with coconut milk. The sticky sweet bandung mixes really well with the coconut milk and creates a really unique taste, absolutely great for coconut fanatics.


While the Coco Bandung is a heavy drink, people who prefer a lighter drink that serves to cleanse your palate should go for the Faked Birdnest.

As the name hints, it’s not actual Birdnest but rather a generous amount of Agar Agar mixed in a sweet concoction that tastes like bird’s nest. Really simple but effective.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re a fan of fried chicken, unique but great food at an affordable price, or simply looking to have a great afternoon chilling out, you know where to go.


  • Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop
  • MEGA @Woodlands, Woodlands Cl, #01-68 No.39, Singapore 737856

Open from:

  • Sun- Thurs: 11 am-10 pm
  • Fri- Sat: 11 am-11 pm

You can check their Facebook Page here too, and watch a video we’ve done in the outlet here: