7 Facts About the Samurai Sword Attack That Occurred in Serangoon Road

Image: straitstimes.com & Facebook (Channel NewsAsia)

If you’ve time-travelled from 1998 to 2018, you’d be surprised at the headlines of local news media that are splashed all over Singapore.

Singapore hosting the Trump-Kim Jong-un Summit? A major cyber-attack? A slashing incident with a samurai sword?

Yesterday afternoon, somewhere along Serangoon Road, a person was slashed by a samurai sword and a kitchen knife.

Here are the details that might seem unbelievable.

What Happened

At around 2:21 p.m. on 25 July 2018, it’s reported that four (do note this number) men had used a samurai sword and a kitchen knife to slash a 27-year-old man, with injuries on the back of his head, arms and legs.

Here’s how a samurai sword looks like…

Image: Vudhikrai / Shutterstock.com

…and lest you’ve not been to your kitchen for eons, here’s how a kitchen knife looks like:

Image: Serge Ka / Shutterstock.com

Where it happened

It happened at 202 Serangoon Road – at a bus stop no less. Remember, it’s 2:21 p.m., not some ungodly timing, so there were many people around.

The bus stop is, incidentally, in front of Broadway Hotel.

In other words, it’s literally a daylight slashing.

Everything Happened in “Seconds”

According to eyewitnesses, the incident happened within seconds; one of them thought that it was a car accident.

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After it happened, people gathered around the victim after the attackers had fled. The victim stayed quiet throughout the whole ordeal despite being bleeding profusely.

What Happened After That

For a start, people apparently took many image. However, two people who appeared to be medically trained tried to stop the bleeding while others divert traffic.

The victim was conscious and was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

The four attackers fled in a silver Nissan, which is revealed to be a rented car. Strangely, they left behind a kitchen knife and an ATM card at the scene.

The police immediately started investigations and a manhunt for the attackers.

And the police being the police (we all know how efficient they are), they found the attackers in less than 24 hours.

7 People Arrested

Remember the first fact, that four people were involved? Apparently, seven Singaporean men, aged between 17 and 28, were arrested in the vicinity of Corporation Road (near Jurong) and Sin Ming Industrial Estate (near Bishan).

However, the motive for their attack is not yet revealed.

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The Last Samurai Sword “Public Appearance” Was in 2013

If you remember, this image went viral back in 2013.

Image: straitstimes.com

The then 39-year-old, who were spotted in an MRT train as well, was charged and remanded at the Institute of Mental Health.

While it is not illegal to possess swords here in Singapore for collection, these are considered “controlled items”, so the seller would have to register before buying one. Also, customers must be 18 and above.

These swords must be “kept in a dwelling house and are not to be carried in any public place without any lawful purpose”.

Attacker Had Thrown the Samurai Sword into Reservoir

The suspect allegedly wrapped the samurai sword in an orange cloth and threw it into Lower Pierce Reservoir. Today (26 July 2018), the police took one of the suspects to the reservoir to search for the evidence.

Commercial divers were seen diving in the area in to find the sword.

The suspects, if found guilty, could be jailed up to 10 years and caned.

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