7 Facts About The Pervert Who Filmed The Lady On The North East Line MRT


Granted, the headline might sound a little vague, but we are here to fill you in. Just yesterday, a man was caught filming another woman on the North East Line MRT.

But, little did he know, it turned out to be one of the most self-owning and humiliating acts ever – humiliating for him, by the way. 

Here’s why. 

1. The incident happened on the North East Line MRT

The man whipped out his phone just as the lady boarded the train at Outram MRT and was going towards Habourfront MRT to meet a friend.

2. She was seated at the two-sitter seat 

As soon as the lady got on the MRT, she then sat herself down on the MRT’s two-sitter spot located at the far ends of the carriage. 

3. The man was rushing towards the seat across her

Even though the train was empty, the man rushed towards the seats opposite the lady, sat down and whipped out his phone immediately.

But little did he know, he whipped out his phone but not his brains.

4. He started filming the lady but she recorded it down

This was what gave everything away. In a bid to film the lady, the man did not realise that she could see everything clearly from the reflection on the MRT.

The lady then went ahead and made her own recording of the entire filming process.

5. SMRT Staff and SPF were called down

As this is no small matter, the SMRT and SPF staff arrived promptly. However, at this point of time, we are not sure if he has been deployed back to his country yet or if any legal actions have been taken towards him. 

6. The man holds an employment pass 

The man, Suraj, holds an employment pass. However, we are not sure if he has be deployed back home. 

7. When she confronted the man, he gave the stupidest excuse ever

As the SMRT staff was confronting the man, he came up wth an excuse saying that the lady “was like his sister’.

Like dude, what the hell is wrong with you? You don’t see someone “like your sister” and start filming them on the MRT. You mean you do that to your sister too….? 

You can witness the atrocity for yourself here:


And if you want to read about the full incident, we have also attached the Facebook post for you here:

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