7 Fashion Mistakes That Add 10 Years to a Person’s Age & 10kg to His or Her Weight

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Small things in fashion can either make or break you. And if you thought that was bad, you’ll feel even worse for yourself if you have committed a major fashion faux pas.

These are 7 fashion mistakes you should avoid, or you’re going to look like an old and fat hen.

Time to get clucking.

Black in Every Single Thing

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Yes, black is a classy, elegant color. So much so that you have not dyed your hair, ever. Change up your hairstyle and add some honeyed brown highlights, or go for a full makeover with a completely new hair color.

Now about your outfits. If you wear black all the time, especially with skirts and pants, it’s bound to get a bit too predictable in your wardrobe. And you will look aged. Like a 40-year-old auntie, to be exact. So explore more colors and ditch the black.

Going into Hiding

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Yes, we wear clothes to cover our body. That doesn’t need to be translated into full length everything. Go for clothes that fit you and your body type to perfection. And it’s perfectly alright to wear a sleeveless or strapless top from time to time. Switch things up, and your boyfriend will love you for it too.

Overly Long Skirts

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A mid-knee skirt can complement practically any body type. If you’re going to wear a full length skirt, be sure to pair it well with heels or boots even. Just don’t go sweeping the roads of Orchard Road with a ridiculously long skirt.

The Wrong Kind of Spectacles

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Not every pair of glasses is made for you: It ultimately depends on your face cut. Don’t hold back on bold frames, as they might just be the match you never thought they’d be.


The Wrong Shopping Buddy

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You’ve been shopping with your secondary school girlfriend since you were 15. Down the road, her taste in clothes hasn’t changed, and it’s been rubbing off of you. My suggestion? Try going solo and see what suits you, in your own eyes and perspective. You can always go for clothing that’s trending right now. Just adjust it to suit your number.

Out with the Stumps

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Platform shoes are so 10 years ago for you. Choose a pair of kitten heels or a sexy stiletto set. Your body will look off the charts in them!

The Thing with Scarves

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Don’t just wear them around your neck. Use your scarves as a silk bracelet or even to accessorize your handbag. That’s one way of getting classy in a minute!

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